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The Hidden Missingno/Dragonite is a normal SMWC user who is in the current progress of making Invasion of The Magikoopas. He is currently somewhat dead on the central, but he is much, much more active on the IRC.


Early Life on The Central (January-May 2010)

The Hidden Missingno joined SMWCentral on 2010-01-01 02:08:30 PM. He was very exuberant and loud, but he settled down when he saw all the competition. He began two threads, a one in Talk discussing about the horrible things some of the users did when they were young, another in the WoI, about making a (fake) video game called SMWCW. At that point, he was very cocky, and he had hoped more at his 100 posts when he started his small hack, Super Flashback World. It wasn't really ment to be a good hack, but more of a hack that showed how good he would and will be as he stayed at the central. He felt very secluded and almost left, until he was introduced to CaffieNET on the IRC. At the same time, on the real SMWCentral he was nearing his 500th post and he had nothing to show except his lone demo of Mario's Lost Memories, which never got much traffic. He decided to stay very quiet with only a few posts at C3.

First Summer at The Central (June-August 2010)

The Hidden Missingno noticed on June 5th that Kieran decided to cut his and other's bio page to 5000 characters so his old profile is located here.[1] (Quote it if you want to see the full thing without text.) The Hidden Missingno joined #smwc one summer weekend to find it very lively. He began as very idle, but then he became a rule breaker and began to troll SMLink64, leading him to be banned for a week by Megafonzie. He tried to wait out the ban, but he grew impatient and started to use other computers to manipulate his banning. Eventually, he was unbanned. He made some friends, like LudwigVonKoopa and Mario's Personal Agent.

The Fall Season on The Central (September-Early December 2010)

The Hidden Missingno entered the Chocolate Design Contest, and although almost all of his friends dropped out, he still went, even though he got a lower score than he expected, mainly because of slowdown. In November, he changed his name to Dragonite since his name being better known as such on the IRC. He is currently working on three hacks, A The Koopa Kingdom Collaboration, a collab for another forum, Mario's Demented Journey, a collab made by MarioAwesomeness, nowadays known as Mario's Personal Agent, focusing on making a hack from creepypasta and anything else scary. His last one is Mario's Lost Memories, but it makes slow progress and Dragonite sometimes wonders to himself if the hack will even make it to World 2. Later, he cancelled the hack and replaced it with Invasion of the Magikoopas, a hack that he thought could balance much better since it was choconilla instead of pure chocolate and therefore wouldn't be as choppy.

First Winter on The Central (Late December-Present 2011)

Dragonite finally got his YouTube account sometime before Winter Break started under the name of DragoniteGaming. His SMW hacking career is much more steady and carefree now, even if he tries to follow a planned schedule.

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