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A Dragon Coin ( ObjectCoinDragon.png ), also incorrectly known as a Yoshi Coin, is a special coin with a Yoshi face on it. Despite the fact that an Info Box in Super Mario World referred to them as Dragon Coins, they are more commonly known as Yoshi Coins due to the fact that Yoshi's face is displayed on them. Found in most Super Mario World levels, each is worth one coin and collecting five will give Mario a 1-Up. Any additional Dragon Coin will give Mario a subsequent 1-Up, and once five more are collected they'll disappear from the level. Despite the fact that five are how many you need to get a 1-Up, there are a few levels that contain less than five coins. In addition, they are not used in castles nor most ghost houses from the original game.

In the GBA remake Super Mario Advance 2, the collection of all five Dragon Coins is recorded on a status screen. Collecting every dragon coin in the game will result in a special movie where dozens of dragon coins fall from the sky and stack up. After which a Peach Coin bearing the princess' image replaces the dragon coins and can be recollected indefinitely.


  • If a Dragon Coin is placed on a screen boundary, the coin will glitch when touched. It will have slightly different effect depending on where you touch it.
  • Barely touching the lower half: The coin will be collected multiple times, but only when moving. In addition, sometimes the coin doesn't count towards lives.
  • Slightly overlapping the lower half: The coin is collected multiple times with normal effects (coins, lives, and points).
  • Significantly overlapping the lower half: The coin is collected multiple times, however points and lives are not given (despite the fact that the 1-up sign still appears).
  • Touching the upper half will cause it to disappear, and the coin will no longer interact with you. Basically, it's like you collected it, but only half of the coin disappeared.
  • Duplicating a block over the bottom half of a Dragon Coin will turn it into Map16 tile 125 (key/wings/balloon/shell ? block) when the coin is collected.
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