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Level Design, Map16, and basic graphics editing.

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2007-10-14 05:54:17 AM



Known For

The Unworld, and The Unworld Recharged.

Dottedgirl is a user on Super Mario World Central. Although usually seen on SMWcentral only if there is a contest or an obscure question he needs answered, she is minimally popular on Youtube for her videos of Mario levels and Let's plays, with around 100 subscribers as of November 2009.


Although dottedgirl has made a few custom graphic sets that would be worth posting, none have been posted to this date on SMWcentral.

She has made only one completed hack, The Unworld, which has been noted for creative level design, alongside ugly palettes and hundreds of minor glitches. In July 02 of 2009, dottedboy officially announced alongside the release of a video, that she would be updating The Unworld, changing it from a vanilla hack to a hack with ExGFX and Custom music, while fixing glitches and problems. This decision came after a series of failed attempts as making a decent new level for a sequel to The Unworld, originally planned to be called "Two", and have a more darker theme. The updated version of the unworld was released on July 21 2011 under the name of The Unworld Recharged.

During the remaking of The Unworld, dottedgirl made several new levels and has regained his level designing ability. She had a plan for a new hack not related to the Unworld, with the current tentative title, "To the Grave and Beyond", which will tie in the classic Mario vs. Bowser rivalry with a unique story that went along with an unnamed project that only had five completed levels. This current idea, has absolutely nothing created or completed. However, it is unknown is dottedgirl is working on this project right now.


As if it really mattered, dottedgirl is a member of his own non-existent political party, is very liberal and beyond tolerant, and believes that ALL videogaming is all about level design and fun first, aesthetics third (after functionality)

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