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Knows of

SMW hacking, basic ASM, CSS/HTML, and a lot of other stuff that he doesn't even use in life.

Join date

June 2007


February 8

Known For

SMWCNews, hack moderating, switching layouts too often

Dotsarecool was a hack moderator and staff member who joined SMW Central what seemed like forever ago to ask a question about where the Springboard and Jumpin' Piranha Plant graphics were located. He was new to Super Mario World Hacking at the time, and wanted to try to make a decent hack. He worked on this new hack project for about a year, then gave up on it due to lack of creativity, motivation, and organization. Dots has yet to make another hack since then, but don't expect anything from him.

History at SMWC

Dotsarecool joined SMWC on June 7, 2007 at exactly 07:32:19 PM EST. He had user ID 931. Ever since he joined, Dotsarecool has been on and off in activity. When he first joined, he would go to the forums everyday, but not post a whole bunch. After a couple months or so, he slowly trailed away from visiting the forums.

Then came the time where SMWC was about to have a database wipe, and everything including posts and tools would be deleted. He was very anxious to see what would happen, so he hung around for a little while. He also hit his 100th post around this time.

After the wipe, Dotsarecool was one of the first users to register again, receiving user ID 48. What took over three months to do earlier, he posted over 100 times in just two days. After a small hiatus around the following March, he came back to the forums to notice staff signups were starting. He instantly entered, volunteering to be a local moderator of the Art, Computing, and the new Forum Games forums. Surprisingly he was chosen to be on the staff team, and was on the team for around 9 months before asking to be demoted due to lack of activity.

Again, Dots came back to the site to notice that hack moderator signups were starting. He instantly entered, volunteering to be a hack moderator. Surprisingly he was chosen to be on the staff team, and was until November 2011 when he decided to resign. Currently he is inactive.

View on SMW Hacking

Dotsarecool thinks the best types of hacks are semi-vanilla ones because of the simplicity of graphics and plots. He knows how to insert ExGFX, custom music, blocks, sprites, etc., but thinks a SMW hack will become too complex if to much is added to it.
The order in which Dots thinks concepts in hacks is important is as follows:

  1. Level Design
  2. Graphics
  3. Plot
  4. Anything Custom

He thinks that a hack with superior level design is much more appealing than a hack with boatloads of ASM.
Dots doesn't really hack SMW very often anymore because of how uncreative he is. However, he is looking forward to Kuribo's Shoe to be opened, and once it does, he will start hacking SMAS and quit SMW hacking. He hopes to be a local moderator of any SMAS hacking forums.

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