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From left to right: a small P-switch door, a small normal door, a normal door, a P-switch door and a boss door

Doors are exit enabled objects used in Castles, Fortresses and Ghost Houses in SMW. There are 5 different kind of doors that can be used in Lunar magic:


Types of Doors

Normal Doors

Normal doors (object 47 in Lunar Magic, tiles 1F and 20 in Map16): these doors are the most common ones, if Mario is big he can't enter these doors while riding Yoshi (which wasn't a problem in SMW since Yoshi wasn't allowed in castles or ghost houses), however, this can be fixed by adding one door tile below the door.

P-Switch Doors

P-Switch doors (object 48 in Lunar Magic, tiles 27 and 28 in Map16): these doors only appeared in ghost houses. They can't be entered or seen by the player unless a P-Switch is activated. They are known as "Invisible POW Doors" in lunar magic. Just like the normal doors, Mario can't enter these if he's big and riding Yoshi at the same time.

Boss Doors

Boss Doors (object 90 in Lunar Magic, tiles 98 through 9C in Map16): These doors are used on castles and fortresses just before the boss room. Mario cannot enter these doors riding Yoshi. These doors don't work correctly unless the FG/BG GFX setting is 1 (castle tileset).

Normal Small Doors

Normal Small Door (object 10 in Lunar Magic, tile 1F in Map16): These doors wher never used in SMW. They act just like the normal door except that Mario cannot enter them if he's big or riding Yoshi. The use of these doors is not recomended as it forces the player to take damage which is unfair.

Small P-Switch Door

Small P-Switch Door (object 15 in Lunar Magic, tile 27 in Map16): These doors where not used in SMW either. They act just like the P-Swirch doors except that Mario cannot enter them if he's big or riding Yoshi. The use of these doors is not recomended for the same reasons as the normal small door.


  • If a door is placed next to a screen boundary, the screen exit from either boundary can be used by it, depending on how far to the right or left of the door Mario is. If you have to put a door there, be sure to put the same exit on both boundaries.
  • Entering a door on the same frame that Mario dies will result in the next room's music being replaced by the death music.
  • If the Layer Switch Glitch is used while Mario is holding an item, entering a door will "carry" that item through the door. However, rather than appearing with Mario, it will appear at whatever X and Y position the door was entered at.
  • If you enter a door (or warp pipe) 256 times in a single level, the game will glitch and send you to some other level than the screen exit calls for. This can be fixed by hijacking $00D273 and changing it from INC $141A to LDA #$01 STA $141A.
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