Donut Secret House

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Super Mario World Level
Donut Secret House
Secret Exit? Yes
Level(s) # 13, E4, EC, ED, EE, F0, F1, F2
Notes Home of the Big Boo Boss
Donut Secret 1
Donut Secret House
Donut Secret 2
Star World 1
List of Levels

Donut Secret House is one of two ghost houses in Donut Plains. It features a Big Boo boss.


Once you enter the level climb the stairs to your right. Travel through the Circle of Boo Buddies down the ledges. Travel right and hop over the Big Boo. If you are unable to jump over him hit the P-Switch and use the spring to get over him. Proceed through the door.

In the next room the ? box contains a flower or a mushroom depending on if you're big or small respectively. Travel left to the Boo Buddy circle. Wait for an opening and jump in. The box contains multiple coins.

The leftmost door will bring you to level EC, a replica of the first room.

The door in the middle which you can get only by activating the P-Switch brings you to a room filled with Boos. Then the next door to the left brings you to another replica of the first room, but you begin the level below the exit door with a turn box that contains a 1 up. The door to the right brings you to a replica of the second room.

The Rightmost door, which you need to clear the coins from then hit the P-Switch to see brings you to a goalpost room and ends the level (Normal Exit), leading to Donut Secret 2.

If you go back and get the spring from the first room, bring it to the second room. Hit the P switch and use the spring to go above the floating door. There will be a blue door that leads to a Big Boo Boss room.

Big Boo Boss

In the room there is one Big Boo and three Boo Buddies. The Big Boo must be defeated by throwing at it the gray blocks that make up the floor. Be careful not to create a hole in the floor and fall through it. After the Big Boo is hit three times, it will be defeated, leading to Star Road.

Technical Information

This level is quite special, in that it is the only level where beating a boss (in this case, Big Boo Boss) activates a secret exit. That is due to this code:

 CODE_00CA08:        AD BF 13      LDA.W $13BF               ; \ Check level number.
 CODE_00CA0B:        C9 13         CMP.B #$13                ;  | #$13 = level 013.
 CODE_00CA0D:        D0 03         BNE CODE_00CA12           ;  | If not that level number, skip the following line.
 CODE_00CA0F:        EE D5 0D      INC.W $0DD5               ; / Activate secret exit upon level end.
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