Donut Secret 2

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Super Mario World Level
Donut Secret 2
Secret Exit? No
Level(s) # 10B
Notes Located in the Valley of Bowser.
Donut Secret 2
Donut Plains 3
Donut Secret House
List of Levels

Donut secret 2 is level 10B in Lunar Magic and the third and final secret level in the Donut Plains. This level is some kind of frozen cave, and something curious about it is the fact that it is located in the Valley of Bowser submap although it belongs to the Donut Plains, giving the player a kind of "preview" of the valley.

Donut Secret 2 is the only cave level in SMW that uses the FG and BG ice palette, and it's one of the few slippery levels in the game, just as one of the few levels that contain Munchers and a power star.

Level Design

At the begining of the level there's a ? Block in the ground that contains directional coins, and can be hit by throwing the the shell of a nearby Koopa. Not far from that there's a springboard that can be used to hit a turn block that contains a vine, leading to a height platform with another ? Block containing a star. However, that star is not realy necessary, considering that the players will only find a few Spike Tops and munchers in their way. At the end of the levels there are 8 aligned vertical fliying Koopas that can be squished to gain a 1-Up.


This level contradicts itself in that it is an icy cave, and while plants cannot grow in icy places, the level contains Munchers and Jumpin' Piranha Plants

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