Donut Secret 1

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Super Mario World Level
Donut Secret 1
Secret Exit? Yes
Level(s) # A, C2
Notes First level with 'Secret' in name, First full water level and a level with 6 dragon coins.
Donut Ghost House
Donut Secret 1
Donut Secret House
Donut Plains 1
List of Levels

Donut Secret 1 is the 1st secret level in Donut Plains. It is revealed by taking the keyhole of Donut Plains 1. This is the first "full" water level, since Yoshi's Island 4 had a Layer 3 tide. Cheep-Cheeps and Rip Van Fishes are common here, and there are many outcrops of land in the area. One warp pipe leads to a vertical underground area, where the P-balloon is first found. At the top is a 1-Up and 2 Yoshi Coins. This is also one of two levels in the game to have 6 Yoshi Coins, which may have been a mistake made by Nintendo.

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