Donut Plains 3

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Super Mario World Level
Donut Plains 3
Secret Exit? No
Level(s) # 5, F4
Notes Introduces the ON/OFF switch
Donut Ghost House
Donut Plains 3
Donut Plains 4
Donut Secret 2
List of Levels

Donut Plains 3 is the fourth level in Donut Plains. Preceded by Donut Ghost House and proceeded by Donut Plains 4. This level features Fuzzies, rotating gray platforms, and line guided platforms. This level also introduces the ON/OFF switch, used for changing line paths. There is no secret exit.



Donut Plains 3 is simple. Mario can grab a Feather from the Green ! Block if he has completed the Green Switch Palace in Donut Plains 2. With the Feather you can fly over everything and also be able to get a Yoshi Coin in the clouds without the use of a Vine. Alternatively you can use the line guided platforms to reach the Giant Gate and a special pipe. The level is set in the forest with mushroom platforms. Frequent Green Koopa Paratroopas can be found near the middle of the stage, posing a threat if you jump incorrectly. The special pipe leads to a bonus room where you need guess the correct order to get a 1-Up Mushroom.

Message Boxes

Message #1

You can slide the screen left or right by pressing the L or R Buttons on top of the controller. You may be able to see further ahead.

Message #2

No message specified.

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