Donut Ghost House

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Super Mario World Level
Donut Ghost House
Secret Exit? Yes
Level(s) # 4, C4, DE, EB, F9, FA, FE
Notes The secret exit unlocks the Top Secret Area, and is the only one that needs you to bring a powerup to the level.
Top Secret Area
Donut Plains 2
Donut Ghost House
Donut Plains 3
Donut Secret 1
List of Levels

Donut Ghost House is the first, and most simple of the Ghost Houses. You can get there by getting the normal exit on Donut Plains 2 or Donut Secret 1. The only thing that makes this level recognizable is the fact that the secret exit leads to the Top Secret Area.

On closer inspection in Lunar Magic, it's actually the NORMAL exit that goes to the Top Secret Area, while the secret exit goes to Donut Plains 3. Super Mario Advance 2 corrected this.



The level starts in a long room with a Ghost Ceiling. Simply run straight ahead, but be careful not to stay in one place too long. The longer you stay in a spot, the more Boos that will float towards you. At the end of the room is a door. Enter it, and in the next room simply enter the door to the right. You will end up "below" the door. Hit the Turn Block to the left to find a P-Switch. Hit the P-Switch to reveal a door on a platform to the left. Entering the door will take you to a block with Directional Coins inside, but leaving the room will simply take you back to the room with the Turn Block. So what do you do? You enter the door to the right, but instead of getting the P-Switch in the Turn Block, enter the door again. This time, hit the Turn Block to create a vine upwards. Climb this to find a door to the Giant Gate.

To find the secret exit, enter the level with a cape. Build speed by running back and forth along the ground, then fly into the upper left corner of the room. You'll find a hole. Fly up through this, the run right. Eventually you'll reach a hole. Fall down in this to find four Turn Blocks, three containing 1-Up Mushrooms and one containing a vine back, and a door that leads to a Giant Gate that unlocks the path to the Top Secret Area.

Message Boxes

Message #1

This is a Ghost House. Can you find the exit? Hee, hee, hee... Don't get lost!

Message #2

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