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Dolphins from SMW

The Dolphins of Super Mario World are blue-skinned sea creatures which wear diver's goggles. They are very friendly, refusing to attack Mario and even allowing him to ride on their backs. They live on the surface of the ocean, where they constantly jump in and out of the water. There is usually a Porcu-Puffer nearby, and Mario must stay on the Dolphins to avoid falling into the water with the pursuing spikey fish.

There are three types of dolphins. One jumps up and down in place vertically and allows Mario to stand on its head. The other two are horizontally jumping dolphins, with one type jumping slightly higher but shorter and the other jumping longer but slightly lower. There are also generators which will cause the long-jumping variety to continually jump to the left or right.

As friendly characters, Dolphins do not harm Mario and Mario's attacks cannot harm them. In the Japanese version of Super Mario World, Yoshi could eat the dolphins, but this was removed from the North American version, possibly because of cultural differences and possible frustration. However, in the American remake of Super Mario World, Super Mario Advance 2, Yoshi's dophin-eating ability was brought back.

Sprite information

Long-jumping horizontal Dolphin: Sprite 41

Short-jumping horizontal Dophin: Sprite 42

Vertical-jumping Dolphin: Sprite 43

Left-Jumping Dolphin Generator: Sprite CF

Right-Jumping Dolphin Generator: Sprite D0

They use the blue palette B. In order for their graphics to show up correctly, the underwater graphics set must be used. (SP4 = 06)

Related ROM Addresses

  • 0x13E0E [E2 88 E7 A8 E8 A9] Horizontal Dolphin tilemap (head1, head2, body1 front, body2 front, body1 back, body2 back)
  • 0x09E69 [CE EE] Vertical Dolphin tilemap (head, body)
  • 0x1348E [41] Sprite spawned by Dolphin generator
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