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Also known as

MotherBrain, ludwigvonkoopa



Knows of

ASM, Block, Basic Spriting

Join date

2008-09-14 10:28:36 AM



Known For

Debugging patches, Extended Spriting, Mode 7 and helping with ASM sometimes.


DiscoMan's story begins on a stormy afternoon. Bored to hell, DiscoMan began searching videos on YouTube, until he reached a video called "Super mario world hack - Windows 98". This video was enough to begin his interest in SMW hacking.

In fact, his very first work with ASM was Sonic the Hedgehog from Genesis. This was proven too difficult for him, so he switched to SMW hacking until he found SMW central, where he entered with the username "ludwigvonkoopa".


DiscoMan hasn't uploaded any hacks yet, but he's doing a work named "Super Mario Bros. A nightmare tale", a two part hack that has Bowser using the Dark Star from "Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story". A video of it can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FEh_A4_wiu8&list=PL2DAF78E466E45E76&index=1

Real Life

His traits are incredibly useful like his perfectionism, intellect and creativity.

He likes biology, computers, and quiet places since he doesn't like a mess. Like his actual username he likes disco music.

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