Directional Coins

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Directional Coins

Sprite number(s)



Normal sprite

Graphics file(s)

GFX00 (SP1)



This type of Coin moves in direction that Mario is facing at the time, while leaving a Coin trail until it runs into an object. It is possible for Yoshi to eat the leading Coin. However, this ends the sequence.

SMW only allows one question mark block with a directional coin sprite in it per level, to prevent the player from using the same one over and over again when reentering the area, as seen in the Valley Ghost House. However, changing the ROM address $02:895F (PC address 10B5F) from F0 to 80 allows multiple directional coin blocks to exist in a level and allows the player to reuse the same block over and over again as long as they reenter the level number from within the level.

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