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Hey guys I have just joined SMWiki as you can see and I happen to be an All-Around Hacker.

I can insert ExGFX

Insert Blocks

Insert Sprites

Insert GFX

Insert Xkas Patches

I can level design but who cant

When I edit the OW I Noob it so in other words I suck at OW editing but I can somewhat do it.

I am 1st in Command of Dreamland Productions. Ugh... there is not much to say but hi...

How Dreamland Productions came to be....

It started before I even join SMWC.... My friend told me about hacking SMW and showed me the basics and let me give it a try of course I was a newbie and just put random glitched enemies and GFX and stuff everywhere making the level highly in possible and full of floating munchers and EPIC cut-off. I thought to myself "This is really fun!" When I got home I got Lunar Magic a clean rom and got started.

A couple days after that I was fiddiling with the title screen and named my hack Dreamland Adventures: Dark chronicles and then I watched ProtonJonSA's vids (he is a well known Let's Player)He spoke of SMW Central in his Let's Play Super Mario TKO and I decided to go and made a account and named myself "DreamlandProductions" (No quotes). In my sig I spammed in all caps "JOIN DREAMLAND PRODUCTIONS. PM ME FOR REQUIREMENTS ON HOW TO JOIN!" Five minutes later I took it off my sig. A new member called Powerstrike asked a question and titled the PM "Dreamland Productions?" He asked if he could join and I said ugh.. sure if you want to and then a few days later I made a thread asking for members to join and got members in and ended with my most promising members:



Lunar Rico

and then the list grew to Richard12c and Fireblast124(FB124) Joined...

and that my friends is how it came to be....





If you want to be on the list just say so in my talk "Talk it out"

My Event Hacks

I currently have an event hack called "The Glory Of Christmas" and Luigi happens to be the main character.... ....If you want to help with my christmas hack just ask me in my Event Hack talk section....

STORYLINE: Fawful has stolen the Glory star by Cackletta's orders. Without it there will be no christmas...Mario has is on vacation at Yoshi's Island and it is up to Luigi to get the star back in time...

So if you want to help just say so.....

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