Devious Four Chronicles 3: The Crater

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The Devious Four Chronicles #3: The Crater


S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N. and Metalgearhunter

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11 (Demo)

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The correct title of this article is Devious Four Chronicles #3: The Crater. The omission of a # sign is because of technical restrictions.

The Crater is the third hack in the Devious Four Chronicles, by metalgearhunter and S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N.. This hack is takes place after the events of Racter's Attack and Magna Meltdown; however, these two hacks are not yet made.

A meteorite crash lands in the Mushroom Kingdom, forcing all residents underground. After a prolonged amount of months, it is time to emerge. Bad news is, the exit is blocked. Peach assigns Mario the job of going out to free the Mushroom Kingdom's residents; however, this turns out to be a much more difficult task when two unholy creatures (not from this world) rere their faces.

Exclusive to this hack are "Hint Palaces". Hint Palaces are just cutscene levels staring Hunter and Scorpion as friendly as their Bet forms. They give out hints on how to beat levels, even their own keey structures like Scorpion's Base and Hunter's Cyber Castle. Sometimes, a challenge will be available. Each Hint Palace hosts a different gimmick of sorts.



Mario originally believes he is going to free the Mushroom Kingdom from starving to death in the convient cavern they all ran off to. This doesn't turn out to be the case. Hunter and SCORPION (they're no secret to SMWC) are the ones that have emerged from the meteor and their plan to build a giant furnace to set the whole world on fire... or is it? Is this just another one of thier ways to destroy a planet, or does this climb up to something much greater?


• Hunter and SCORPION tend to end up talking to eachother a lot of the time in the story, pretending Mario isn't even there. • SCORPION starts out a little fad calling Mario's newfound partner, Alanea, Sidekick. The result ends up in her getting furious. SCORPION keeps this up throughout the whole hack. This maybe for Comic relief from all the Dark plot going on. • Sputnik is way too into himself. He thinks he's the best, EVEN better than Hunter or SCORPION. • SCORPION (and sometimes Hunter himself) sometimes refers to Hunter as his true name. • The SCORPION on the title screen is the SCORPION from BlackHole. The SCORPION model from BlackHole however, is not the one featured in the hack. • Worlds 4 and 5 are special compared to the rest. They are SCORPION's Iceburg and Hunter's Focur. After you complete World 3, you have the choice to go to either Hunter's Focur or SCORPION's Iceburg, later going to the other after you complete the first. For this reason, worlds 4 and 5 are called "World 4/5" because of the fact you can choose which one to do first. • Hunter has a light side and a dark side in this hack. Light side is referred to as Hunter while dark side is referred to as Dark Hunter, though in cutscenes, he will still be called Hunter by SCORPION, Sputnik, and Alanea. • From World 4/5, you will encounter Hunter, SCORPION, and Sputnik a lot more, especially Sputnik. • Hunter and SCORPION hate Sputnik. • Sputnik's cape is invincible. • Dark Hunter frowns a lot more than Hunter. • SCORPION makes a lot of puns. • The only way into the Furnace is through a dark tunnel. • The Furnace is NOT the final world, but the whole hack builds up to it. • The level "Dimensional Rip" is removed from the hack, but can still be played if hacked with Lunar Magic. • Alanea hates SCORPION more than Hunter. Hunter hates her more than Sputnik. Sputnik hates SCORPION more than anyone. SCORPION hates Alanea more than Sputnik, Mario, or Hunter. Mario hates no one.

Characters (Specific to this hack)

There are characters introduced on this hack that are specific to this hack only and not the Devioius Four Chronicles in itself. All characters (with exception from Nintendo Characters) will be posted here non-the-less.


MET IN: World 2. Alanea is Mario's newfound partner. She is the Princess of Daltadon. Daltadon is most likely the planet she is from. Lise from Seiken Densetsu 3 is her representation.

Alanea is a spoiled brat. She sees herself as somebody of a greater power. She has an advisor that is a preist, all the way to somebody dressing her in the morning. Her home planet is targeted by Hunter and SCORPION for "quick work". Basically, they vaporize in less than day, considering how small it is. After all her friends, family... acqaintinces, everybody she knew basically, are dead... she is left to rot. Of all the people on her planet, she is the sole survivor. Alanea's only goal in life now is to hunt down (and kill) Hunter and SCORPION. She is very adept, or atleast says she is, in combat.

Alanea is constantly targetted by SCORPION and his mouthy insults. He takes every chance he can get to call her a SideKick. This is mostly because of the fact that while Mario does all the fighting and job working, she's just sitting back talking. She actually says she's doing something, when she really isn't doing much. So much for a sidekick.


MET IN: World 4/5

Sputnik is a very egotistic, self centered, non-insane character. Sputnik will do anything in a situation to up himself. He also tends to break the Fourth Wall.

Sputnik is one of SCORPION's first creations. SCORPION created him when he was a child, right after he escaped (and destroyed) Galaga. Sputnik looks like a lizard, clad in Saiyan Armour from DragonBall Z. He will often try to show at first impression that he just like any other minor villian, working for the major. However, Sputnik seems to his own plans that just itch in destroying his master, SCORPION.

SCORPION (The Crater)

SCORPION, one of the four Major Villians in the series, makes his first appearance here. Unlike most of the hacks in the series, SCORPION is a very humorous character in this hack.

SCORPION is very humorous, and does take Mario, Alanea, or anybody else that opposes him, seriously. He enjoys hurting others mentally. Unlike Hunter, SCORPION likes to attack in barrages, and doesn't toy with the enemy. He is very durable and not easy to take down. SCORPION is mostly in charge of the projects that both come up with. He supplies the work forces to build thier projects. Any machines you see in the hack, is most likely built by SCORPION. His main goal is not to desintegrate the planet, but something else.

SCORPION is only fought 3 times in the Crater.

SCORPION's theme on this hack is Dancing Mad Part 4

Hunter (The Crater)

Hunter, one of the four Major Villians in the series, makes his first appearance here. Unlike in future hacks, Hunter's major goal in this hack is to complete his transformation and build his Capital.

In the hack, ideas are given that Hunter is "incomplete", and nothing but a vessel, but he seems to actually be a evil creature. Hunter seems to only be interested in keeping Mario alive for a challenge, but does see him as a threat and aims to kill him after his first real defeat in the level "Hunter's Tower", which is the 3rd and final part to "Hunter's Cyber Castle".

Hunter is after one thing, to build his Capital. He believes that if he can use this planet (before he and SCORPION decide to ingite) to build his power, he will be able to construct his Capital and mutate the Earth. This mutation will complete his new transformation and make him a very powerful force to be reckoned with.

Hunter's array of powers is different, depending on the situation at hand, but most commonly, he will throw projectiles in Mario's direction.

Hunter's personality varries from SCORPION. Hunter sees Earth as nothing but a tool, and will go to any extent to destroy anything that obstructs him from his goals. Though he shows great interest in SCORPION's plan, he knows what his friend is really up to, though SCORPION may not know of his knowledge. But, secretly, Hunter is the one obstruction standing in SCORPION's way to successfully complete his secret objective to get to what he truly desires. Hunter sees Mario as something to be toyed with, but as the story goes on, Hunter grows more irritant of Mario and finally sees him as a threat after his defeat in "Hunter's Tower" and decides to get serious. From that point on, Hunter's personality takes on a much darker side. His appearance changes to a more dark form of his current self due to hatred for Mario and Alanea, considering it takes both of them to actually beat him in his 3 part battle. For Hunter's Dark side, his eyes turn from blue, to a dark red and his green is much darker and his blonde hair turns dark blue-yellow. Hunter's green turns into a dark blue. His personality is yet to be determined.

After his defeat in Hunter's Tower, Hunter's goals turn from building his capital, to killing Mario and Alanea. He no longer sees amusement and will go as far as tossing SCORPION out of the picture, or even Sputnik to let nothing stand between him and revenge!


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