Detroit Lions Deity

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Detroit Lions Deity

Also known as

Apocalypse17, detroitlion11, firedragon1337, LostTheGame, and Xyrz



Knows of

Posting about gaming, sports, and computers.

Join date

Sept. 19, 2008



Known For

Rating and reviewing hacks.

Adam C. Snider, also known as Detroit Lions Deity is a hack reviewer for SMW Central.


Before Registration

He was born on October 22, 1992 in eastern Michigan. On September 13, 2001, he and his family left eastern Michigan for Ajax, ON, Canada, and resided there until moving to Detroit, Michigan in 2005.

Early Days on SMWCentral

He registered first as detroitlion11 on September 19, 2008. His first ever post was a simple question how to patch a hack to the rom. He was there on a 3 day stint before returning in January, 2009.

January to June, 2009

He returned to the website in January 2009 after learning how to patch hacks to roms. He began to rate and review hacks. In early May, 2009, he received his first ban, for backseat moderating. He left the site again, on June 13, 2009. During the time, he was also known as LostTheGame, Xyrz, firedragon1337, and Apocalypse17.

September to Present

Returning to the forum on September 9, 2009, he then received his second ban, for flaming World of Insanity. Before receiving that one-day suspension, he changed his name to Detroit Lions Deity. Despite of his bad attitude towards others, he is a sharp hack reviewer. Detroit Lions Deity has made his 20th hack review, on World of Illusion by Azure. Although DLD doesn't create hacks, he still plays and reviews rom hacks on his mini-return.

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