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Also known as

Aleks Majestic



Knows of

Pretty much everything SMW, except ASM.

Join date

2008-04-03 10:32:42 PM


July 18, 1994

Known For

"Being Mue's lover.

General Introduction Paragraph

[s]One of the more prominent users of the SMWcentral,[/s] One of the more active users users of SMWC, Desert-Fox has been around since the heyday, witnessing such glory as the older users, the amazing gradient names, less sophisticated hacks that all used SMB2 and 3 music, the release of Super Mario Odyssey Demo and much much more.

Internet Behaviour

Desert-Fox tends to recede into obscurity, going on websites where little is left of his previous trails; mainly Wiki's and other informative sites. Desert-Fox is native to the SMWC, as it is the only forum he is active in. He's also on Facebook, but only gives his profile ID to people who aren't goddamn insane.


Desert-Fox is a fan of 'raocow' who enjoys listening to his alternative ramblings and non sequiter narration.

Vintage Electronics Collection

~SMWC Thread

Desert-Fox has the largest video game and console collection on SMWC, with currently something like 90 Consoles + Handhelds + Arcade Boards.
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