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Some basic-to-intermediate SMW hacking stuff

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A few years ago



Known For

Taking a long absence and starting a dumb one-level hack.

A long time user, Demonsul is best known for being


and cake.


Demonsul made an account before the great wipe of 0-something, and befriended Xgor. However, due to the wipe itself and his own patchy memories, the only things remaining of this account are a single Youtube Video and his own knowledge that he initiated and was working on a site-wide collaboration called 'Bowser's Mercenaries', something along the lines of the ongoing SMWCP project. This hack never got more than a little done, and there is no surviving data of any of the levels he created.


Post wipe, Demonsul did not rejoin the site. It took a long time for him to return, and as such started a clean slate. He joined threads such as War and Let's Go On An Adventure, which eventually led to the creation of the ill-fated Forum Games subforum. During the subforum's life, Demonsul hosted his share of the few War rounds and attempted to create meaningful games such as the complex Battlecruisers. He never however joined the overpopular Mafia game. Demonsul also worked on hacks during this period, such as the Endless Land hack (which never reached demo level) and Demonsul's Fortress, both single level hacks. Demonsul's Fortress was the project he managed to get furthest on, receiving no updates after the second 'world', and even got two Let's Plays despite it's incomplete nature and lack of save points. After acquiring a new computer and getting wrapped up in the excitement of being able to play Source games such as Team Fortress 2, Demonsul lost interest in the site and went inactive for some time.

Modern SMWC

After rising boredom levels forced Demonsul back to the site, he claimed he would not continue to hack. To date, he's kept that claim as far as releases go. However, having over 4000 posts has made him a well known member of the community, and as such his generic comments litter some areas of the forum, most notably Talk, Art, and the World of Insanity. He also once breached a hole into the future, allowing SMWC users to see a dystopia ruled by him. He is lazy in keeping that up to date as well, although there are several secrets littered across the future forum.

Demonsul also (slowly) creates maps for Source. This includes the oddly named CP_ARITAMWIS Team Fortress 2 level, as well as the unreleased TTT_STATION stage for the Garry'sMod gamemode Trouble in Terrorist Town. Demonsul occasionally draws in Flash as well, which he should really do more now he owns a tablet.

All in all, Demonsul is an SMWC oldie who knows what's what.

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