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DarkMark is generally a nice person, until you upset him. He has the will to hold grudges for a very long period of time, but there are only a few people whom he has a grudge against. He is usually willing to help when he can, but he doesn't always have the ability to. He is one of the people who isn't a huge fan of raocow, and would prefer to watch LP'ers such as SlimKirby, darkmindedsith, MegaFreak400, the group LP channel CrystalStarStudios, and VoidedKurai (a new LP'er.). He also watches others like Datai, SSoHPKC, and SorrowTamer. He has his own Youtube Channel, which he is trying to get off the ground, however, Youtube tends to have problems when he tries to upload.


DarkMark has created a few hacks, none of which have had a full release. He often believes that his work is nowhere near good enough, and has only one demo on Super Mario World Central, and recently had it taken down. The hack was known as Bowser's Homeland, and was one of his first hacks. He picked it back up after maybe five months of not working on it, and made minor changes to the first levels, and created a few new ones. The hack was removed twice before it was accepted, and was able to get it up on his third try. He is currently working on a new hack, that won't be Vanilla like Bowser's Homeland, and a Team Hack with a member of Yugioh Card Maker.

His first hack, which was unnamed, had short levels, wasn't fun, and had it's moments of glitched graphics. On the bright side, there were no floating munchers.

Then with Bowser's Homeland, the levels stayed short, but weren't as repetitive as the first hacks levels were. It had a general rating of about a seven.

His third attempt was a hack called 'Mario's Return to Bowser.' He made a mistake with patching, but he only had an overworld done. He was able to transfer the overworld to a new clean rom, and continue from there. The levels mostly lacked enemies, and seemed boring. So he eventually scrapped this hack, and moved to a new one.

His fourth attempt is the hack that he is working on now. It is currently unnamed, and has about half a level done along with the first submap. He is taking it slow to make sure the hack is fun, well tested, and has a good difficulty curve as more levels are made. He plans for no demos to be released.

His next hack is a Team Hack with the Yugioh Card Maker member Dark.


DarkMark is obviously a member of Super Mario World Central, but isn't known to any extent. He has had a thread for 'Mario's Return to Bowser' but it died quickly due to him scrapping the hack. He has less then three hundred posts, but wants to be more active around the site. He just doesn't know where to start.

He is also a member of Yugioh Card Maker. He is relatively known there, but only for his activity in the Clubs and Organizations forum. He rarely posts cards, but sometimes he joins the occasional RP there.

He has a Youtube account, but due to Youtube's degrading effecency, he is unable to upload his videos at random times. He is at the start of a Yoshi's Island LP, and due to some issues with Camtasia, he had to cancel a LP of Link's Awakening. He hopes to one day get a Dazzle or other software so that he can LP Majora's Mask, one of his favorite games, and Eternal Sonata.

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