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Daizo Dee Von

Also known as

DiddyBoy100(1), Diddykaizo100 & Daizo Dee Von



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Daizo Dee Von is a member of SMW Central and JDCGames who joined SMWC in 2010, he is a somewhat interesting guy who talks to the members every once in a while and even works on his hacks.


Daizo Dee Von in the beginning

Of course, he was once known for 2 names, Diddyboy100 and DiddyKaizo100, but he changed it to Daizo Dee Von. Reason, no one shall know. In the beginning, he was kind of a lurker for like a month, then he started to help a person as his first post. After a while, he got bored and released his first Kaizo Hack in the Kaizo forum, known as The 5 Difficult Bosses (he mistakenly named it "Difficalt" because his english wasn't very good at the time). However, he got a lot of unpossitive criticism. He was quite sad, so he made the sequel much harder, as well as a demo of a terrible hack called "Super DiddyKaizo Worldlucs", along with "The New 5 Difficult Bosses". He decided to lead a Collaboration Kaizo Hack called "The ZM Project". That will be covered later, though.

Daizo Dee Von recently

Right now he is not so much of a noobis anymore, knows how to make a proper Kaizo hack, Works for a collaboration called "JDCGames Collaboration 2", works on his Website (trying to get it active) and also is making a hack called "Mario's First Adventure". He can also rip FG graphics.

One thing you must not do is Never, EVER call him Diddy at all, he will freak, he is doing his best to ignore it but it gets him a lot.

Did he mention he LOVES MoltovMarioWorld?

His hacks:

Super DaizoKaizo Worldlucs II - Super Art Edition

Mario's First Adventure

His Graphics:

RS3 - After Destroyer Battle

Chuck Rock 1-1

Chuck Rock 2-1

MMX3 Outside EXPANDED V1.1

The ZM Project

It is a collaboration he lead that didn't go very far in the beginning, it was chaos when it first started but did manage to get some member's to join, 2 submitted levels though.

Well...? If your interested in joining, you can bump this thread [here] if you'd like to join, be warned, you have to be a Kaizo Hacker.

-Once upon a death, The Mario Bros. were fighting a war toads versus koopas, Bowser King koopa won and The Mario Bros. Died. The princess was sad to hear that her heroes got killed by the Koopa army, days later one of the toads found Marios body but NOT Luigis, and so Princess Peach made an funeral and made an saying "The Heroes that clogged the past will never clog again until a new hero is born"... Two Years of horrible-ness later Dr. Chan (From the Mega Man X series) hears the news that Mario died and he was surprised to here this news, he wouldn't take Mega Man to the mushroom kingdom, so he had an idea to make an robot exactly like Mario, after Zega Mario 1.0, then sent the robot to the mushroom kingdom... The adventure of the new "Zega Mario" will begin...

Daizo Dee Von's YouTube

He is a LPer as well as a reviewer, he does take requests so send him some hacks as long as its in best quality. He doesn't like YouTube Hacks! (He does them anyways, he jokes around for a bit about them :P )

His YouTube can be found [here].

He currently did:

-Bowser's Done it AGAIN! by 1-ups (Requested)

-Super Evil World by Stealer

-The Castle by 1-ups

He is working on:


-Super Mute World Episode 1 - The After Years by EvilGuy019

Not started and on the list:

-Something by yogui

-Too Cruel Two Bear by Botcrazy

-Faceplant by Miguel21450

He is pretty busy with things but he will get to making video's eventually. Besides, he has a limited internet connection of like 40 gigs pur month.

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