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Hello, I am Dadiro. A normal user with no powers on SMW Central.

I have been browsing this forum for a year now, and I have made a lot of friends during this year. Some good and bad times have passed by. I've made many mistakes in the past, but hey... The past is the past.

I am probably know as the biggest Mortal Kombat fanatic on this community, which means I really love Mortal Kombat a lot, but next to that I am pretty excited about New Super Mario Bros. Wii being released, I got the game and it's a really awesome game.

I am a retired hacker, I made a few hacks but most of them were canceled, however one hack did get finished, but it was a team hack. The hack is called The Haunted Desert. I also made hacks called The Lost World Journey, Summer Gone Wrong and much more, but those all got canceled.

I have been banned by request two times, basically because I couldn't take it what was happening to me on SMW Central. After talking it out with S.N.N. (The administrator on SMWC) I was good to go and give SMW Central another shot. I also have been banned before for other reasons, which one time was backseat moderating, but I'm not sure.

Instead of a SMW hacker I am now a Flash Animator and a gamer, I already was a gamer, but now I'm playing more games then ever. I love Mario and Mortal Kombat games, but I already made that clear. Next to that I love games like The Legend of Zelda. They have great storylines. The game I really enjoyed from the Zelda franschises was The Wind Waker. It was the best game in my opinion.

This is all. Thanks for reading.

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