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March 6th 2008


April 17

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Moderating hacks, creating the MKM and MGU series, "what not to do" videos

Cyphermur9t is currently a staff member and hack moderator at SMW Central. He is mostly known for creating the Mushroom Kingdom Meltdown series, the Mario Gives Up series and his "what not to do" videos.

His name originally started off for one particular FPS game. Eventually he started using that name for everything else, such as Youtube, Steam, Battlefield games, etc.. He got cypher by the Battlefield 2 demo. If you put 'Cypher' as the first part of your name in the demo your name is orange in-game. Mur was his friend's name to tag on there and the 9 and T are just for nothing.

His real name is... Well he'll give you a clue. The combination of my first, middle and last name has 19 letters. He's not going to say it. He was born in April 1991 in Western Canada.

He started hacking Super Mario World because he found Lunar Magic by accident one day. When he was a kid he had always wanted to make my own levels, and now he can make my own games. He has always been interested in games when it comes to custom stuff, such as Smackdown vs. RAW, Timesplitters and of course SMW.

Everyone started somewhere in hacking SMW. His first levels weren't that great as everyone probably was at first. He wondered to himself "I wonder how long it takes to make a full level, hopefully not too long." Well that was wrong. It takes somewhere from 3 hours to 3 days for him to create a full level. He never thought it would take months or even years to make one single game.

In-game Names

Battlefield 2 and 2142: cyphermur9t XFire: blackbeltboy Steam: cyphermur9t PS3 Name: cyphermur9t

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