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Also known as

Compupro1 (on certain occasions)


?? years

Knows of

a lot of stuff

Join date

February 4th, 2011


January 29

Known For

Posting in the WoI too much

Computerprogrammer1 is just a random person lurking around for secret advice on how to make a good ROM hack to distribute.


About This Guy

This guy wants to improve his LM skills and create "the best ROM hack ever." This person tends to post a lot in the World of Insanity, and also likes checking in the Display Case from time to time. to him, editing graphics "takes a long time, and before I can edit everything, I give up" however, he would use GFX form SMWR and also insert ExGfx. He spends a lot of time sitting in front of his computer. On youtube, he is known as Computerprogramer1, posts videos sparingly, and recently did a complete wipe and posted some videos. (Here is the channel: The Channel. MORE ABOUT HIS YOUTUBE ON "YouTube" SECTION.


This guy joined on February 4th, 2011.


This guy joined this year, and has bumped a lot of threads because he almost never pays attention to the date the last post was made. Anyway, this user made some art, such as a mountain in the sky, and a random throwing of sprites everywhere. To his opinion, he thinks that his SMW ROM hacking skills are at "medium" because he says that "I cannot figure out how to get sprite graphics to not spaz out, and I can't run AddMusic!"


Computerprogrammer1 finds out how to use XKAS.


Computerprogrammer1 finds out how IRC works and uses it.


Finally checks into #smwc again and creates #freeworld (now dead). Also continues his ROM hack, A New Day and is ALMOST done with part 1. Still looking for inspiration for the castle and level after.

Hacks he is making (and made)




"Mario's Strange Island" and "Super Mario... Insane!"

Currently working on

A New Day part 1

What He Does In Real Life

Goes to his friend's house to play games, and all the average stuff the average person does today.

Life on IRC

He now checks into #smwc! Computerprogrammer1 has also created a channel called # freeworld. It emphasizes the "free" factor by having less rules. Channel is now dead


Watches random videos and becomes bored. This guy has posted 2 videos after a complete wipe of previous videos as of September 3, 2011.

Videos Made And Published

A video of Sonikku's first ROM hack (found here), one about getting 1-UPs from Wigglers and Goombas (found here.), and a couple other videos, all of which can be viewed at his channel here.

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