Chocolate Secret

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Super Mario World Level
Chocolate Secret
Chocolate Secret Ingame.png
Secret Exit? No
Level(s) # 117, 1C0, 1EC, 1ED, 1EE
Notes This level is a shortcut to Wendy's Castle.
Wendy's Castle
Chocolate Secret
Chocolate Island 2
List of Levels
Chocolate Secret as it appears from the overworld.

Chocolate Secret is a secret level that is unlocked when you get the secret exit of Chocolate Island 2. Ironically, its actual location on the overworld is in Valley of Bowser.


Chocolate Secret is an underground level. Mario must avoid Buzzy Beetles, dodge the footballs of angry Puntin' Chucks, slide down slopes, avoid Spike Tops, travel across platforms that sink into lava, and break through the wall of Chargin' Chucks who have every intention of tackling Mario.

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