Chocolate Island 3

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Super Mario World Level
Chocolate Island 3
Chocolate Island 3.png
Secret Exit? Yes
Level(s) # 23, D7
Notes The use of flying for the the secret exit.
Chocolate Island 3
Chocolate Fortress
Chocolate Island 3
Chocolate Island 2
Chocolate Island 3
List of Levels
Chocolate Island 3 as you first encounter it on the Overworld.

Chocolate Island 3 is the fourth level of Chocolate Island. It comes before the fortress of the world.



Chocolate Island 3 is an athletic level placed in Chocolate Island. The level makes a great use of the 'Grey Platform on chain'. The level has 5 Yoshi Coins. The sublevel of Chocolate Island 3 contains a Yoshi Coin and 165 normal coins. It also has the Cloud ledge graphics, which didn't got used much in Super Mario World. Chocolate Island 3 has a secret exit required to continue to Chocolate Fortress. The normal exit gets you back at the same level.


  • To get the secret exit, you need to fly over a wide gap of nothingness.
  • There are three 1-Ups at the secret exit.

Hacking Information

  • Level 23
    • Sublevel D7
  • GFX Files used:
    • FG/BG GFX 08 (Rope 3)
      • FG1: 14
      • FG2: 17
      • FG3: 16
      • BG1: 19
    • Sprite GFX 02 (Mushroom)
      • SP1: 00
      • SP2: 01
      • SP3: 13
      • SP4: 05
  • Level Mode 00, Horizontal Level
  • No Vertical Scroll unless Flying/Climbing/Ect
  • Music 01 'Piano'
  • Time limit 300
  • 17 Screens long
  • Layer 3: No layer 3
  • Sprite Memory 0E
  • Sprite Buoyancy Disabled

Entrances and Exits

  • The Main Entrance is placed in screen 00 at X=1 Y=6 and S=01.
  • The Midway Entrance is placed in screen 09.
  • The Exit to level D7 is placed in screen 07...
  • ...And it's secondary entrance is #0D, placed in screen 0D at X=E Y=1 and S=01
  • The Normal Exit is placed in screen 12, and the Secret Exit in screen 16

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