Chocolate Island 1

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Super Mario World Level
Chocolate Island 1
Chocolate Island 1.png
Secret Exit? No
Level(s) # 22, BE, D0, D1, F5, F6
Notes Misc. notes go here.
#5 Roy's Castle
Choco-Ghost House
Chocolate Island 1
List of Levels

This is the first Chocolate Island level in the world, and is actually more of a grass level than "chocolate". It contains many sublevels, which are all copies of the main level, with different entrances, apart from BE, which uses low tides.


You enter the level with Dino-Rhino coming towards you, and after that a Dino-Torch. There is a hidden Mushroom behind the second small bush. Afterwards there is a bit of a bumpy landscape with hills and different height ledges, with also a Flying ? Block containing a Fire Flower, unless you didn't get the mushroom before that. In screen 06 is a Pipe that leads you to level F6, a duplicate level of level 22, but with a couple more Yoshi Coins, a 3-Up Moon and a midway point. After that is the same level. If you go back and forth through the Pipes on the levels, you can keep changing between them.


The level contains in total 7 Yoshi Coins, but you are not able to access all 7 in one go. There are many duplicates of level 22 inside it.

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