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Chocolate Island once completed.

Chocolate Island is the sixth world of Super Mario World. As the name implies, the theme is Chocolate, which translates to "everything is brown." The map is brown, the levels are brown, and the lava is brown. The island is the only place where the Dino-Rhino and Dino-Torches are to be found. Like the Forest of Illusion and Star World, the player is required to find a secret exit in order to progress through the world. Chocolate Island also features the enigmatic level 24.

Chocolate Island contains the following 10 levels:

ID Name
022 Chocolate Island 1
021 Choco Ghost House
024 Chocolate Island 2
023 Chocolate Island 3
01B Chocolate Fortress
01D Chocolate Island 4
01C Chocolate Island 5
117 Chocolate Secret
01A #6 Wendy's Castle
018 Sunken Ghost Ship

Useful Information

  • Level 24 is a very special level in SMW's coding. Depending on how much time has elapsed and how many coins the player has collected, the exit will take the player to different rooms. Lunar Magic now has a feature which makes this oddity easy to disable - in the Overworld Editor, the "Extra Options" tab has an option for allowing level 24's programming or not. Uncheck the box to make level 24 regular. If for some reason you don't want to bother with that, simply make sure there are no exits whatsoever in level 24 except the goal, or just don't use level 24.
  • Level 18, the Sunken Ghost Ship, triggers the Earthquake after its completion. This can be changed in the Overworld Editor, should you choose not to use level 18 for this purpose.


  • The Sunken Ghost Ship is unique in the whole of Super Mario World. It is the only level to feature the Ghost House GFX and be underwater, as well as the only level to feature the Sunken Ship background, and it is the only level to feature the Reappearing Ghosts Sprite generator.

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