Chocolate Fortress

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Super Mario World Level
Chocolate Fortress
Secret Exit? No
Level(s) # 1B, E2, EF
Notes Only castle level with the chocolate palette.
Chocolate Fortress
Chocolate Island 3
Chocolate Island 4
List of Levels

Chocolate Fortress is the 5th level on Chocolate Island. It's the third fortress in the game. Beating this level leads to Chocolate Island 4. This is also the only level using the chocolate palette in a castle


You enter a brown choco-flavoured fortress. The first section features a lot of Moving Spikes, Bowser Statue fire and Dry Bones. This castle has red, blue and green switch blocks which will make the level a bit easier if you have activated them. The first room also features many gaps with mud. The seconnd part features Thwomps and Thwimps as the main obstacle. Many of them are near spikes making it harder to cross past them. There are also a few red and blue switch blocks blocking some enemies to make it a little easier. Having the green switch activated gives you an extra Feather near the boss door leading to another Reznor boss.

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