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Cheep Cheeps (for whatever odd reason, FuSoYa and various users on SMWC insist on calling it a Fish) are typically red in color, have two bulbous joined eyes, yellow lips, a "mohawk" style yellow dorsal fin, and two wing-like white pectoral fins to aid it in jumping. However, in SMW1 and Super Mario Kart, they're gold instead of red.
A Cheep Cheep, as seen in Donut Secret 1.

They were first encountered in Super Mario Bros., where they had two attack strategies. Underwater, they swam forward in a straight line (red ones were faster than grey ones). On bridges above water, they jumped out in swarms, gliding high on air currents before splashing back in. They were much the same in Super Mario Bros. 3, but new varieties, such as a Spikey Cheep Cheep, were introduced, along with several related fish like Boss Bass.

A regular Cheep Cheep.

In Super Mario World, Cheep Cheeps come in a number of varieties. Out of water, they flop around harmlessly. If Mario touches a flopping Cheep Cheep, he will kick it away and kill it. Underwater, Cheep Cheeps swim back and forth in a fixed area, moving either horizontally or vertically. They are deadly to the touch here. A related fish called Blurp takes on Cheep Cheep's old behavior of swimming in a straight line.

There are also several varieties of Cheep that jump out of the water. One type skips along the surface. Another swiftly swims back and forth in a fixed area before pausing and leaping straight upwards. Perhaps the most deadly type of all are the swarms of flying Cheep Cheeps; in Super Mario World 1, they attack more intensely than they did in other Mario games. Like in SMB1, they glide up and fall back down, but the sheer number and speed of their attack makes them quite a challenge. All jumping Cheep Cheeps are vulnerable to stomps, even when they splash down into the water.

All Cheep Cheeps are vulnerable to fireballs, cape swipes, thrown objects, and can be eaten by Yoshi.

Hacking information

Horizontal swimming Cheeps are sprite 15, vertical ones are sprite 16, surface skipping ones are sprite 18, the ones that jump straight up are sprite 47, and the flying fish generator is generator D1 (the flying Cheeps are sprite 17, but are not usable without the generator). All Cheep Cheeps use yellow palette A by default.

Cheep Cheeps are a bit odd in that their graphics are spread out between the first and second graphics pages. A flopping Cheep Cheep could conceivably be used in any area, but a swimming Cheep is limited to areas with Chargin' Chucks. (GFX13) In order to swim, Cheep Cheeps need sprite buoyancy turned on (otherwise, they'll be flopping even on the sea floor).

If jumping and swimming varieties of Cheep Cheeps are used in the same area, it can become confusing determining which ones the player is allowed to stomp, since they all use the same graphics. (Assigning different palettes to the different types with Tweaker is a definite option) The player can bounce off of some other fish, such Rip Van Fish or Porcu-Puffer with a spin jump if they're found on the surface of the water. A Cheep Cheep swimming level with the surface, however, will still hurt a spin jumping player.

The flying Cheep generator, as noted above, makes for very challenging gameplay, and is best used sparingly. The fish barrage can be turned off using sprite D9 (turn off standard generators). One quirk of the generator is that a player standing still in the middle of the screen will be safe. If the screen is scrolled to the left or right, however, they will be right in the fishes' path.

It is also possible to turn down the aggressiveness of the flying Cheep generator by changing the value at x1335E. By default, it is 1F, but setting more bits decreases the frequency of fish jumping up. ($3F, $7F, $FF) This doesn't perfectly recreate the flying effect of the older Mario games, though.

Related ROM Adresses

ROM Address Effected Object
Cheep Cheep's ROM Addresses
0x09E0D [67 69 88 CE]

Cheep Cheep tilemap (two frames swimming, two frames flopping)

0x1336E [17] Sprite spawned by flying fish generator (Flying Cheep Cheep)
0x1335E [1F] Frequency of flying fish jumping up
0x085A0 [15 0F 00 04]

Sprites inside exploding turn block (Cheep Cheep, Goomba, Shelless Green [Koopa_Troopa], Green Koopa)

0x15BA1 [0F 0D 15 74]

Sprites spawned from Bubbles (Goomba, Bob-omb, Cheep Cheep, Mushroom)

0x15AA1 [A8 CA 67 24 AA CC 69 24 84] Tiles used by sprites in Bubbles (2 animation frames with 2 bytes in them. Order: Goomba, Bob-omb, Cheep Cheep, Mushroom)
0x15AA9 [84 85 05 08 8B 4B AB 20] Palette/GFX Page Table of Sprites in bubbles (2 animation frames with 2 bytes in them. Order: Goomba, Bob-omb, Cheep Cheep, Mushroom)
0x0B2A1 [02] Value to add for flopping Cheep-Cheep animations
0x0B30F [01] Change to 00 to switch the GFX pages used by the swimming and flopping Cheep-Cheeps
0x0B319 [9D F6 15] Change to EA EA EA and Cheep Cheep's tilemap will use a single GFX page

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