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A Chargin' Chuck as it appears in Super Mario World.

Chargin' Chucks are a type of Koopa who wear American Football uniforms. They have a variety of attacks and sports based weaponry, such as damaging baseballs and footballs.

Chargin' Chucks could attack in a variety of ways, including throwing baseballs, kicking footballs and flinging rocks with a shovel. Other types have more bizarre attack patterns, such as splitting into three and charging forward and summoning or alerting other nearby enemies, such as Super Koopas and Rip Van Fish, using a whistle; one type of Chargin' Chuck also has the habit of jumping in place and clapping. Aside from the whistling Chargin' Chucks, all Chargin' Chucks, once jumped on, will revert to simply trying to tackle the player. They were often placed at the end of a level, defending the Giant Gate. It takes three jumps on Chargin Chuck's head to defeat him, though after each jump, the Chuck will be invulnerable for a small amount of time. Fire Mario's fireballs can defeat a Chargin' Chuck with five hits, and they can also be defeated by one cape swing by Cape Mario. Yoshi, however, cannot eat them.

The different types of Chargin' Chucks are listed here:

  • Clappin' Chucks: By jumping and clapping over their heads, these tacklers attempt to take down heroes on the high road.
  • Splittin' Chucks: As if one football freak isn't enough, these creatures split into triplets and charge when you draw near.
  • Puntin' Chucks: By tossing out a barrage of killer footballs, these kooky quarterbacks have no need for a defensive line.
  • Chargin' Chucks: Keeping an eye open for Dinosaur Land trespassers, the Chargin' Chucks will charge as soon as they see you.
  • Pitchin' Chucks: While they continue to wear football gear, these wacky characters have switched sports and toss baseballs.
  • Diggin' Chucks: Some Chargin' Chucks in the Dinosaur Land underground dig up rocks and toss them at passing plumbers.
  • Whistlin' Chucks: When Mario goes near, this Chuck whistles and either summons Super Koopas or wakes up any Rip Van Fish near it.

There is also an unused Chuck that acts exactly like the normal one.

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