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Chaos CompleXX is a garbage hack. It's full of glitches, weird color palettes, annoying and simple level design, and a lot of message boxes with senseless and funny comments. Takes some time to finish. Play it if you're bored and you need to laugh.

In The Second Reality Project Reloaded

A screenshot of the level "fight against enemy", compared with the remade area in the TSRPR level "Neverfly Fortress".

Ordinarily, Chaos CompleXX is a parody of horrible hacks, not a serious attempt. However, the levels from this game are remade into the levels of the secret Thirdspace world in FPI's other hack, The Second Reality Project Reloaded, where the levels are polished up into more serious designs and merged into new, bigger and more better levels. For example, the TSRPR level "Perplex Rosa" is actually the Chaos CompleXX levels "Rosa Perplex 1", "Perplex Rosa 2", and "Yelloh heaven zone" merged into one large level free of glitched graphics and chaotic level design. Additionally, although the actual "Chaos CompleXX" level in Reloaded is a completely brand new level, the original level can be found in "Braindamaged Finale"

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