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A Chainsaw from the original Super Mario World.|250px]]

Sprite number(s)

65 (Upright)
66 (Upside-down)


Normal sprite

Graphics file(s)

GFX05 (SP4)


0x9 (Blade)
0xB (Motor)

A Chainsaw is a two-sided saw blade attached to a motorised pulley. It travels along line guides and can be upright or upside-down. Chainsaws' blades are deadly to the touch, (the motor can be passed through without harm) but Mario can use spin jumps to safely bounce off of them. They cannot be destroyed by any of Mario's attacks, even stars, and Yoshi cannot eat them. They are commonly used in Air Platform/Athletic Levels.

Hacking information

Upright chainsaws are sprite 65, and upside-down ones are sprite 66. The blade uses grey palette 9 while the motor uses blue palette B. Their graphics only show up correctly if the rope sprite set is used. (SP4=05) They will move to the left or the right depending on their x position; however, an upside-down saw will only appear if it is set to go left.

ROM Addresses
PC SNES Description
x1C45B $03C25B [E0 C2 C0 C2] Chainsaw's motor tilemap
x1C4BB $03C2BB [AE] Middle of Chainsaw's blade
x1C4C0 $03C2C0 [8E] End of Chainsaw's blade
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