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The 2010 Takeover

On the 21st July 2010, the admins of SMWCentral played a joke on the users if the site. User Smallhacker made claims to have kidnapped user Kieran and showed intent of making the site suffer if donations were not made. During the takeover the site banner was replaced with a custom banner depicting a cartoonised Smallhacker wearing a Burger King crown evilly laughing. A new, temporary section of the forums was also created named "THE SH&LL LAYER". Within it contained both worshipping and revolt against the new "overlords". In this joke, many users were banned to add to the joke including marioVSshadow and FUGGNUTZ. Nearing the end of the joke, Kieran's account was re-enabled. He gave several users including Ultimaximus and FUGGNUTZ temporary administrative privileges. These users also had the word 'Agent' added to their names to signify that they had these privileges. The agents went around the site unbanning the users who had been subjected to the ban, closed many threads that signified worship towards Smallhacker, and temporarily stripped Smallhacker of his administrative privileges. During this time, the online activity of the site went through the roof causing major slowdown in the servers. Many believe that the sites inactivity the following day was caused by the lagging servers however Kieran has insisted that the two incidents are not related.

After the joke was complete, the userbase, forums, banner, and peoples administrative privileges were returned back to normal. The section of the forums "THE SH&LL LAYER" was removed from the forum index but is still accessible as a secret forum that requires special permission to post in.

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