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Castles can have various types of obstacles.

Castles are a commonly occurring type of level that takes place in stone castles guarded by Koopalings.

Upon beating one, the player is offered a chance to save their progress and move on to the next world. Once cleared, Mario can no longer normally enter a castle. However, one can easily bypass this by holding L+R when selecting the level.

There are seven regular castles for every world except Star World and Special World. Bowser's Castle, which includes the levels Front Door and Back Door, is also castle-themed.


Common Elements

Mario in Iggy's Castle
A castle is always an indoor level that typically include a new array of less peaceful enemies, lava, and a battle with either a Koopaling or Bowser. In the original game, Yoshi is not allowed in a castle because of five notable glitches as follows:


  • If Yoshi reaches a Koopaling, he can eat them, resulting in an endless battle. This is due to the Koopalings being programmed for normal combat, only including jumps and fireballs from the player.
  • If Yoshi reaches the battle with Bowser, he falls through the platform.
  • If Yoshi walks near a Podoboo, his head turns into a Podoboo.
  • If Yoshi approaches a Ball 'n' Chain, his head disappears.
  • If Yoshi enters Iggy or Larry's room, he will not be standing on the platform with the player. This is because Mode 7 does not properly track the position of the player while riding Yoshi.

Castle Destruction Scenes

Mario destroying a castle with a hammer.
Upon defeating one of the seven castles, an animation will play showing Mario carrying out one of Yoshi's friends in an egg. He then proceeds to destroy the castle, often in a humorous manner. After this will display a message hinting at the next world's theme and reminding Mario to press the switches at the Switch Palaces.

Castle themed levels in SMW

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