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Carter's Quest



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72 Levels

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Carter's Quest is the first Spin-off game of The Devious Four Chronicles hacks. It follows a drone named Carter. He is SCORPION's (manufactured) son. This hack follows Carter as he travels through different lands to collect orbs and defeat his uncle Nectar. The "Plot" for Carter's Quest is actually most simple plot to exist in a Devious Four Genre hack, and also the lowest. Regardless of this, many people would like to play the hack, even in the lowrate condition it is in. The original Carter's Quest was made in 2007. Since 2009, Carter's Quest has been planned to be remade in 2010 or 1011 into a hack called "Carter's Quest RV" (ReVised)


Original Version of Carter's Quest

Carter's Quest is a very old rom hack made by S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N. in the year of early 2007, so not very many oppurtunities existed to make the hack what it could be. Carter's Quest has a simple to follow plot. There isn't really much to the original version.


Carter heads off on his first adventure to the Mushroom Kingdom. First, he has to stop by a Temple to collect a few things. Afterwards, he heads off to the Mushroom Kingdom. After a while of staying, there appears to be a problem at the Water Temple. He goes back to his homeland to collect information from his father, SCORPION, on how to fix it. However, it appears that his uncle Nectar, SCORPION's brother, has stricken SCORPION with an ill-ness. It is up to Carter to collect energy from the seven temples to defeat his uncle and save his dad.

Carter's Quest ReVised

Carter's Quest ReVised will be a remake of the original game. It will contain a similar plot and 90% of the original levels will be included. The plot will be changed drastically, but follow the same concept of the original. Carter's Quest RV will contain 90-95% of custom graphics made by S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N..


Carter, SCORPION's son, is sent off to the Mushroom Kingdom on a mission to collect reports from the Oil Rig that is drilling meterials for SCORPION's Space Station. Carter heads off, but not before visiting SCORPION's Temple for a few things. Afterwards, he heads off. Carter makes it to the Oil Rig, one of the drones has found a very rare structure: A massively sized red-coloured crystal. Carter makes note of this and proceeds to call in SCORPION's fleet for collecting the meterial. However, shortly after discovering the crystal, an unknown force attacks the rig. Carter makes note of this aswell and reports it to his father after safely escaping. SCORPION reveals it to be Nectar, his brother.

A drone soon enters and tells SCORPION that the rig is okay with minimal casulties; however, the "Rechiar Chrystal" has been stolen during the attack. SCORPION stresses that the crystal is needed for the opperation of his Space Station, the BHPG! Carter offers to recover the crystal. SCORPION agrees, and sends Randor and Sniggerbobble to help him out. SCORPION tells Carter that in order to defeat Nectar and recover the crystal, Carter needs to rob the Earth of its energy by going to 7 different temples and stealing the energy orb.

Afterwards, Carter finds Nectar and defeats him. With the help of Retnuh, Carter is able to move the crystal to the Space Station Construction Center, and SCORPION is able to place it inside the BHPG just in time to launch it in space.


This hack takes place IMMEDIATELY after Mario: The Blackhole Part 1. So, it'll be fitted into the Devious Four "SCORPION's Wrath" Timeline.

Magna, Racter and Retnuh Cameos

Since this hack takes place after Mario: The Blackhole Part 1, Retnuh, Magna, and Racter don't have a Mario to worry about. The only thing they have to do, is worry about Nectar. Magna, Racter, and Retnuh are here for one reason, SCORPION told them that he wanted that crystal back. So, instead of lounging for next four years while the space station is being completed; they have to help out Carter recover the crystal.

Nectar isn't the only antagonist on this game, Sputnik is on the prowl and will do anything he can to stop SCORPION from reaching his goals, even if it means killing Carter.


You play as Carter throughout the whole game. The game plays like any other Mario hack. Sniggerbobble is around to give you hints every now and then. Randor (when found) will use his powers to summon things like his minions or landmass to help Carter out in situations. Retnuh... um, Retnuh will create lava or other fire related things to help Carter in places that Randor can't. Retnuh will also possess things for Carter to use as shields or bridges in places.

There are two different antagonists available on the game. The "Main Antagonist" is Nectar, who is the main focus and the thief. There is also a "Minor Antagonist", Sputnik, who appears and tries to delay Carter from his own goals.


Carter's quest has an array of characters available to interact with, but only a few NEW characters to boot. These characters are specifically only seen in the Carter's Quest series.


First, we have Carter himself. Carter is SCORPION's excitable drone that SCORPION built with significant purposes. He is supposed to be the next "SCORPION" and will continue to grow into a newer, more powerful version of his father. Carter, however, doesn't share the same dream as his dad. He believes more in allowing life forms to choose thier own demise and destiny. If people wanted to die, they would've destroyed themselves long ago. Carter, though small, is very tough for a drone; and is hard to bring down in battle.

Drone 204

As seen on Mario: The Fourth Sector, Drone 204 is actually Carter's best friend, and is incharge of the Oil Rig and the Space Station Construction Center. Drone 204 will be commonly met in storyline related levels. He doesn't do much, but gives some real good info that might come in handy for future problems.


The main antagonist of the hack, and SCORPION's brother. He is a bounty hunter, and only takes the rich, powerful, or most valuable items or people. He is the lead of the attack on the Oil Rig and the one that stole the gem. Nectar seems friendly, but he is bad under the bone, literally.

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