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How to mod ASM to create near-perfect replicas in SMW1 of bosses from other games

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October 9, 2007


Known For

Brutal Mario, AddMusic

carol is a Japanese Super Mario World hacker who is user #685 on SMW Central, but has been inactive since late November 2008. He is well known for making Brutal Mario, a hack filled with ASM gimmicks in each level, making the game fresh and new, also giving it a whole new experience.

Brutal Mario can be found at the hacks page in SMWCentral.

Carol is also well known for creating a version of Addmusic, simply titled Carol's Addmusic, that is simple to use, and was a popular download among less experienced users who wanted to add custom music to their hacks until it was deprecated in favor of HuFlungDu's version and AddmusicM.

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