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Captain Pissweak

Also known as



Knows of

Many, many things.

Join date

April 19th, 2009


September 2nd, 1994

Known For

Ruining your day.

Captain Pissweak is SMW Central's resident narcissistic asshole. He is fifteen, and lives in Australia. His notable features are a tendency to wear sunglasses and being incredibly attractive. He takes up the incredibly intelligent position of user ID #5605.


How it Began

Captain Pissweak first came to SMW Central in mid April, 2009, because he had made a hack that he felt rather proud of. A quick look at the hack removal log quickly fixed that. As such he is still yet to add anything to the community, and due to lack of originality, likely never will.

Why He's Awesome

  • He carries a towel around with him.
  • He wears sunglasses.
  • He has read the entire Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series.
  • He just is.
  • Et Ceterad.

Necessary and Wanted Information

Captain Pissweak dislikes Touhou with the burning hatred of a thousand suns (and not our crappy one, we're talking stuff like Betelguese). And that's about it.


Somewhere around this portion of the article would be something to flame Blumiere, but Captain Pissweak would be banned if he kept it here.

He's also totally the most hated guy ever.

Current Status

Quit SMWC.


Captain Pissweak's Profile

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