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A feather is an item in Super Mario World that, when collected, turns Mario into Cape Mario. However, if Mario is already in Cape Mario form, the feather will be added to the Item Box in the Status Bar on top of the screen.

Feathers can be obtained from certain ? blocks and turn blocks when Mario is not small. They can also always be obtained from Green ! blocks regardless of his powerup.

Obtaining a feather gives Mario the ability to break turn blocks using a spin jump, and "hit" blocks or enemies directly beside him with his cape by pressing X or Y. Cape Mario can also show down his decent by using the cape (holding down the jump button). It also temporarily protects Mario from death should he hit an enemy.

Cape Mario can also fly if he runs at full speed and then jumps. While flying, Mario can ascend briefly by pushing the button opposite to the direction he's flying, thus allowing him to fly in the air forever. Mario can also do a dive-bomb that kills all on-screen enemies by pressing and holding the button in the direction he is moving. This maneuver can also be used to ascend rapidly by pressing in the opposite direction immediately after.

The feather is seen as one of the most useful items in the game, and in hacks, it is frowned upon if given in early levels. Many hacks do not use feathers at all (Fire Flowers are used instead.). Feathers can also be used to fly over levels with open skies, so level design that can prevent this is encouraged.


  • If Mario grabs a Feather while it is stuck to Yoshi's tongue, the game will give him two Feathers, one from collecting it directly and one from swallowing it with Yoshi.
  • If Mario collects a Feather and grows from it on the same frame that Yoshi sticks his tongue out, Yoshi's head will glitch and he'll stick out his tongue twice (this can be used to create a null sprite).
  • If Yoshi swallows a Feather while Mario is going down a Warp Pipe and it causes him to change powers, Mario will stop entering the pipe but be stuck with the properties he has when going into the pipe. This is known as the Layer Switch Glitch.
  • If you wait long enough after dropping a Feather out of the Item Box, it will loop and come back out of the top of the screen.
  • Due to the way Super Mario World works, a dropped select Feather will still function in the same place within a screen for every screen of a level, however it will not be visible.
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