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Also known as

Kadyastar, Camerin Neede



Knows of

Music porting, hack moderation

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Known For

Having an austere attitude on the forums

Camerin is a registered user at SMW Central. Currently, he is a staff member and assists in moderating music and hacks. He also moderates the Talk, Art, World of Insanity, and Forum Games 2.0 forums.


Background Information


The name 'Camerin' is the first name of a fictional character he created.

Camerin was raised by a good family in Ontario, Canada. He has always enjoyed video-games and was more than happy to begin making his own. He is currently balancing his time on SMW Central with his real life and very real schoolwork. As a fourth-year Law and Psychology student, schol grows more demanding each day, but he remains confident that he can deal with everything.


Camerin is visually-impaired. He was born with Septo-Optic Dysplasia, a rare optic nerve and midbrain malformation disorder. He sees with only one eye, and even that vision is limited. Despite this obvious hurdle, he aspires to be as artistic as possible. "I can't draw to save my life," he is quoted in saying, "but, in all honesty, most people can't, either." Like others who are blind, Camerin sees himself as a good composer and enjoys writing music for SMW hacks.

Real Life

In the world beyond keyboards and e-mail, Camerin is quiet and introverted, but his close friends describe him as kind and intelligent. He has a fancy for the arts, and hacking, in his mind, is just as much a form of art as painting or creative writing. His taste in music ranges from late Romantic to Jazz and Avant-garde. Because of his visual impairement, he finds it easier to paint a picture with phrases rather than colours.

As previously noted, Camerin's personality is quite stoic. He has a habit of standing out in a crowd, and some of his nay-sayers cite him as having a cool air. In fact, Camerin is merely a quiet, shy person who has a great respect for friends and strangers alike. He also has a tendancy to not understand jokes and is sometimes made fun of on IRC because he apologizes profusely.

Even though he is twenty-one, Camerin has never been in a relationship and most likely never will. He is content with close friendships and is probably an anomaly because of this.

Contributions to Super Mario World Central

Hacks and Such

Super Mario World: Twentieth Anniversary Edition is Camerin's very first hack. He spent a great deal of time--too much, perhaps--reading the hack removal log, and his hack was thus free of such things as stacked Munchers and gross cutoffness. While his first submission was not accepted, one moderator is quoted in saying that he "liked" the hack, and that most of its flaws were easily fixed. Camerin's revised version of his hack was accepted and is available on Super Mario World Central. In fact, barely a day after it was accepted, someone made a YouTube video of him playing the hack.

How to Edit the Title Screen Demo Video is a tutorial created by Camerin. Many hacks that do not pass moderation have poorly-designed title screens, and he created his guide to help people who may not understand how to go about properly editing the title screen.

Persus: A Toad Adventure is a one-level hack Camerin made out of boredom. It has a rather bland overworld but interesting level design, as well as a soundtrack composed by himself.

In recent months, Camerin has also shown himself to be a musician and has submitted many songs to the site. Im May of 2010, he began competing in the second SMWC Idol; several months later, he won first place in both total points earned and total rounds won. The following year, he began competing in the third SMWCI but was forced to bow out due to exams.


On September 22, 2010, Camerin was promoted to Local Moderator. Two weeks prior, imamelia had invited him onto the IRC, and Camerin accepted. Several days later, Atma mentioned on IRC that he wished he had more time to work on his hack, at which point Camerin offered to guest-moderate some music submissions. This led to Atma teaching him how to moderate music. A week later, S.N.N. offered him a staff position, and he accepted. The decision came as an extraordinary shock to SMW Central, including the other staff members, who were not informed of S.N.N.'s actions until Camerin joined the staff IRC channel. To prove himself, he has made a concerted effort to work hard and show that S.N.N. was not simply playing favourites.

Friends on SMWC

Atma, a fellow music moderator, has become a good friend of Camerin's.

Camerin often speaks with Counterfeit on IRC and has come to like her for her carefree attitude.

S.N.N. is another friend of Camerin's, whether he likes it or not. While both live in the same province and share a musical interest and a devil-may-care attitude, Camerin is in no way an S.N.N. copycat.

Camerin remains, to this day, an enigma. Little is known about him and his true aspirations, though perhaps that is for the best. Camerin will continue to be a contributing member of Super Mario World Central, and it may be that, in time, he will reveal more of himself to the world. Until then, Camerin leaves us with little more than this quote: "Guys, I'm blind, and I can STILL spot bad corner tiles."

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