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Buzzy Beetle

Sprite number(s)



Normal sprite

Graphics file(s)

GFX04 (SP4)



Buzzy Beetles would appear to be related to Spinies and Spike Tops. All three species are a more "primitive" breed of turtle (unlike Koopa Troopa), with a smooth, shiny shell with a white trim. They are usually found living underground, although they will appear up in the sunlight from time to time.

Buzzy Beetles made their debut in Super Mario Bros. for the NES. They acted similar to a Green Koopa Troopa, walking off ledges and retreating into their shells if stomped. The main difference was that they could not be killed by fireballs. They acted in basically the same manner in Super Mario Bros. 3, except Mario could now pick up their shells and carry them for a little while. (They would eventually pop back out and attack Mario if he was still carrying them) In Super Mario World, they act exactly the same as their SMB3 counterparts, but their appearance has changed slightly. Previously, they had a blue or black shell and a black face with white dots for eyes. Now they have a teal shell and a flesh-colored head with bigger white eyes with black pupils. In their modern incarnation, (as seen in New Super Mario Bros) Buzzy Beetles have shiny blue shells and glowing red eyes.

Buzzy Beetles are famously immune to fireballs and cape swipes will merely send them into their shells, but they are edible by Yoshi. A spin jump will also destroy their shells for good.

Hacking information

Buzzy Beetles are sprite 11. In order for their graphics to show up correctly, the underground sprite set must be used. (SP4=GFX04) Their palette is Palette E, which can change from level to level. Consequently, they sometimes appear as a dull grey color in hacks instead of their original teal and orange color scheme.

If you Edit The Buzzy Beetle in Tweaker and tick "Inedible", The Buzzy will work as if it had been stomped, which can be useful to make them slightly harder to defeat.

Some hackers also attempt to use Spinies in underground levels, so a Buzzy Beetle with a red shell should typically not be stomped. If there is a pipe that leads from an underground level to a surface level, the player will be able to carry a Buzzy Beetle shell above ground. If the graphics for the over ground level are not the underground sprite set, the Buzzy Beetle shell will have glitched graphics, so plan around this, like by Using Tweaker.

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