Butter Bridge 1

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Super Mario World Level
Butter Bridge 1
Secret Exit? No
Level(s) # C, F3
Notes One of the Twin Bridges levels.
Vanilla Fortress
Butter Bridge 1
Butter Bridge 2
List of Levels
Butter Bridge 1 on the Overworld post Special World.

The is the first of two Butter Bridges and is part of the Twin Bridges.


Butter Bridge 1 is the first level of world 4. It is an auto-scrolling platformer level. It uses the Auto-Scroll 4 sprite and consists of jumping from sinking mushroom scales to falling grey platforms. The only enemies in this level are vertical and horizontal flying koopas.

At the end of the level there is a Green Star Block next to a pipe which leads to the Goal Tape. There are 24 loose coins in this level ( excluding Dragon Coins ) but there are hidden multiple coin blocks in an inverted pyramid of turn blocks to bring your total passed the 30 coins mark for a 1-UP.


  • This level uses the Auto-scroll Special 4 sprite.
  • It is possible to die accidentally at the final two logs by standing on the lower one and walking forward, you will fall through the above log and die.
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