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Bullet Bill

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GFX01 (SP2)



Bullet Bills are black bullets with eyes and two white arms sticking out of their sides. They first appeared in the later worlds of Super Mario Bros., where their basic attack pattern was set. They are shot from a cannon and travel in a straight line. They're fairly slow-moving for being bullets (perhaps because of their large size) and Mario can stomp them out of the air. Like a Piranha Plant in a pipe, Mario can stop the cannons from shooting Bills if he happens to be standing on it or next to it. There are also Bullet Bill generators, which cause Bullet Bills to be continually fired at random elevations. After beating Special World, Bullets Bills graphics change to Pidget Bills.

All Bullet Bills are fireproof, but stomps, cape swipes or shells can take them out. In the case of shells, if a cannon is located at ground level with another obstacle nearby, Mario can bounce a shell between the cannon and the obstacle. As Bills are continually fired, the shell will keep knocking them out and eventually 1-ups will start accumulating without the player having to do anything but stand there and watch.

A Bullet Bill and a Bullet Bill Shooter.


Super Mario Bros. 3 kept normal Bullet Bills, and introduced a new type, Missile Bill, which would turn around once and try to follow Mario. (In New Super Mario Bros. Wii and both Super Mario Galaxy games, they actually homed in on Mario.) Super Mario World saw little change for Bullet Bill, but introduced two new cousins, the enormous Banzai Bill and the underwater Torpedo Ted. Also new to Super Mario World are vertical and diagonal bullets. Sometimes, several horizontal and vertical Bullets will all fire at once, and Mario is forced to weave his way through them. Other times, four Bullets are fired diagonally towards the center of the screen from the four corners. NSMBWii marked the debut of Missile Banzai Bills as well as King Bills, the latter of which were massive, invincible, red-eyed, clown-like versions of Banzai Bills that only appeared on World 9-8.

Hacking information

Bullet Bills are sprite 1C and the shooter is generator C9. They use the grey palette 9. As standard sprites, horizontal Bullet Bills can be used in any level, but the vertical and diagonal varieties can only be used with the rope sprite set. (SP4=GFX05) Bullet Bill generators are a common device for increasing the difficulty of an area.

Care must be taken with Bullet Bill cannons to prevent the player from racking up massive amounts of lives. In addition to the shell scenario described above, stomping Bullets underwater or while climbing a vine can be used to gain massive amounts of lives with very little effort.

Also, if you use sprite 1C, the bullets won't make a sound when they come at the player.

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