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Making custom graphics, being a digital artist.

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December 31, 1994

Known For

His graphical work, his SMW hacks that have pretty much gone nowhere.

Broozer is a former local moderator at SMW Central. Some of his functions as a staff member were to moderate ExGraphics, documents, tutorials, and hacks. Aside from said functions, Broozer was also responsible for moderating quite a few forums - more specifically, three - the Basic SMW Hacking forum, SMW Hacking Discussion, and the Art forum; he was later promoted again to moderate the Portuguese forum. His strongest point in SMW Hacking is probably graphics editing/designing, which is probably what he is best known for by the SMW Central community, having earned quite a few awards in regards to the area in mosts/SMWC3 conventions.


SMW Hacking Story

Broozer, your average n00bish SMW hax0r

Broozer interacted with Lunar Magic for the first time back in 2006, when he was eleven years old. Needless to say, he could not use Lunar Magic to the fullest extent back then, since he was rather young and simply could not understand the meaning of certain ROM hacking terms in general. Because of this and several other factors, Broozer shortly "gave up" attempting to hack SMW.

One year later, after multiple attempts at making fangames with Game Maker and Multimedia Fusion 2, Broozer suddenly remembered the good, old times he had playing around with Lunar Magic, in spite of the fact that he would not get a single level done with quality. Because of several problems he was having with the development of his fangames, Broozer decided to return to the SMW hacking scene, despite the infamous experiences he had with such utility a year ago. Needless to say, though, Broozer still couldn't figure out how to actually make stuff correctly, since his creations on Lunar Magic often resulted in oddities related to the FG/BG initial positions, glitched sprites, and the like. On top of that, Broozer simply couldn't figured out how to insert extra graphics into his SMW hack, and this was certainly one of the things he would most likely shoot himself to learn.

Desperate upon all the problems related to the editor that had been popping up, Broozer finally went right ahead and googled "Lunar Magic help", hoping he would find some sort of community that would help him out with all his doubts involving SMW Hacking. Surprisingly, that was exactly what happened - Broozer ended up stumbling into SMW Central, and after lurking around the place for a few days, he eventually made an account there, on December 4th, 2007. He then started to flood away the Basic SMW Hacking forum with noobish questions involving Lunar Magic, and after eventually learning the basics of the editor, he moved on and learned how to insert ExGraphics into a SMW ROM, how to insert custom music, how to insert custom sprites/custom blocks, among other stuff.

Broozer, your average newbie GFX artist

During the Nightfall Wipe, Broozer made an account on Ice Board, and started designing his own ExGraphics at the same time. After showing his final products to the Ice Board crowd, Broozer gained quite some motivation upon the compliments he would receive, and thus he simply continued drawing more and more graphics.

A screenshot of one of Broozer's old SMW hacks, Hope Land's Mystery.

When SMW Central finally went on after a long time, Broozer submitted quite a few graphics files he had designed to the ExGFX section, and that pretty much made Broozer gain some attention from a few centralians. Aside from that, Broozer also gained popularity from the crowd due to his SMW hacking projects, in which Hope Land's Mystery and Super Mario's Golden Paradise seemed to stand out the most.

Although Broozer was certainly starting to get more respected by the SMW Central community, he still was far from being well-known enough. He quickly realized that after not being picked for staff after the staff applications that occurred in May, 2008. Besides, a few to no people voted him for anything during the summer mosts of the same year, so Broozer realized he would probably have to improve his attitude a bit, as well as his GFX designing skills maybe. And so did him.

Broozer, your beloved SMWC user/GFX artist

Aside from improving his general attitude as a member, his SMW hacking skills and the likes, Broozer started to get more active during the second half of the year of 2008 - other than visiting the site in a regular daily basis, he finally started to access SMWC's IRC channel, #smwc, as well as the #serioushax IRC channel, and thus his popularity has grown quite a bit.

Broozer realized that his drastical improvement as of late actually resulted in something - on the first C3 convention the site has seen, Broozer received two gold trophies for best graphics, and he eventually won quite a few trophies in the winter mosts, as opposed to what had happened in the summer mosts - three trophies, to be precise, including a gold trophy for best regular member.

Broozer then decided he would pretty much maintain the good attitude of his, since he was simply adoring being that respected by pretty much everyone around the site.

Broozer, your average SMWC mod

On March 10, 2009, Broozer suddenly got an invite from S.N.N. to join the staff team, alongside Foursword4, mostly in order to fulfill Kyoseron's spot, although there were a few other reasons why such users were picked. Broozer accepted the offer, and thus experienced the life of a staff member for almost one year, having resigned from his position at some point during February 2010, for real life motives and overall lack of interest in moderation.

On February 2011 Broozer was promoted again to moderate the Portuguese subforum. He took care of the forum until October 7 2011 when he requested a demotion.

Broozer: Return of the Regular User

Broozer is now a regular user again (also known as a "mortal" by higher authorities), not being as active as he used to be during his golden days, due to school interfering with his life, overall uninterest in ROM hacking, among other factors. Despite all this, he cannot for his life leave SMW Central, so he always manages to be around no matter what.

Currently, Broozer is living the problematic interest circle - while most of the time he is completely out of interest to hack, he sometimes mystically regains such interest and starts doing stuff he will probably never finish due to the short lenght of his average interest period, but oh well. He really hopes he can finish some of this material, though.

The real Broozer

Broozer's real name is André. He is currently sixteen years old and attends 11th grade in High School. He lives in Brazil, though he has no intentions to waste his entire life living in such country, and plans to move to Canada as soon as he can. He considers himself to be a pretty depressed and annoyed person in real life. He isn't the most talkative person either, thus he doesn't have many friends aside from the average nerdy group of about five people or so. His interests include spending hours and hours and hours on the Internet not doing anything specifically (also known as just browsing around), Guitar Hero, classic videogames, sleeping, comic books, drawing, comedy/sci-fi movies, and rock (mostly 80's). His ultimate pet-peeve is people who use their physical beauty to get whatever they want to, and other of his pet-peeves that are worth mentioning are racist people, men who treat women like sex tools, and the way modern society has shapened up in general.

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