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Also known as



Knows of

Vanilla Hacking, Map16, ExGFX, HDMA, Advanced HTML, YY-CHR

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May 17, 1997

Known For

Donating, idunnolo, Contributing Hacks, tutorials, other stuff

Brad172 is just another Generic User of SMWC. He is very fond of Vanilla hacking, but recently been experimenting with YY-CHR and was able to create his own GFX sets, which he plans to use in his Upcoming Hack "Depth in Detail".

Complete Brad GFX, along with alternative palette Rasmus (RivalNightmare)
He is normally just seen as a "General User" on SMWC, nothing really special about him. He isn't disliked by S.N.N., moderators or anyone else (as far as he knows).

He does speak with RivalNightmare an awful lot on MSN, about hacking idea's and other random Stuff that you would expect out of an MSN convo.


Screenshot of "Depth in Detail"

As is mentioned earlier, he is very fond of Vanilla Hacking, as well as YY-CHR.

Alternative palette, Rasmus (RivalNightmare)

Nothing is really that special about Brad's Hacking skills, although he does plan to try and make "Depth in Detail" a recognized hack to the SMWC users. He did once make a Hack that gained alot of Public Attention by SMWC, this was named "Vanilla Exploration". He does still work on this occasionally, but is mainly on hold whilst "Depth in Detail" is still in production.

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