Bowser Statue

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Bowser Statue

Sprite number(s)

BC (Statue)
B3 (Fireball)


Normal sprite

Graphics file(s)

GFX12 (SP3)


9 (Gray statues)
8 (Gold statue)
C (Fireball)

Bowser Statues are stone images of the Koopa king which can spit slow-moving fireballs as Bowser did in Super Mario Bros. There was a similar statue in Super Mario Bros. 3, but it shot lasers diagonally down from its eyes. There are three types of Bowser statues. The first is made of grey stone and just sits there as decoration. The second and most common type is also grey and continually generates fire breath. The third type is golden and jumps in high arcs, similar to a Thwimp, but it follows Mario.

Mario can stand on top of the grey statues, but he will be hurt if he tries to stomp on a gold statue. All types of statues are invulnerable to fireballs and cape swipes, but a star can defeat them and Yoshi can eat them. A Bob-omb's explosion can also destroy a statue, but the graphics will be glitched when it dies. (This can be remedied by setting the statue to "disappear in a puff of smoke" with Tweaker)

The fireballs fired by the statues can be added without any statues present, or a generator can cause fire to continually come at random heights. Mario cannot destroy the fire, but he can safely spin jump off of it. There is also a custom Bowser sprite which has Bowser's SMB1 behavior and breathes the statues' fireballs.

Hacking information

Bowser statues are sprite BC. Their fireballs are sprite B3 and can be continuously spawned with generator D8. The grey statues use palette 9 while the gold ones use Mario's palette 8. The fire uses the red palette C. Their graphics will only show up correctly if the castle sprite set is used. (SP3 = 12)

Whether a statue will be inactive, fire-breathing, or jumping is determined by the X position where it is laid down in the level.

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