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Bowser, as he appears in Super Mario World.

Bowser, the King of the Koopas, father of the Koopalings, is the sworn enemy of Mario. He is a giant turtle with flaming red hair and many characteristics of a dragon. He has spikes protruding from his massive shell, a long spiky tail, fangs, red eyes, and the ability to breathe fire. He also wears a spiked collar and armbands.
In Super Mario World, Bowser takes over Dinosaur Land, kidnaps Princess Peach and imprisons all of the Yoshis in eggs. He gives each of his seven Koopalings power over a portion of Dinosaur Land and builds his own castle in the aptly-named Valley of Bowser. He uses Sprite Palette 1.


Boss Strategy

The final boss fight with Bowser.
Interestingly, in the game's final battle, Bowser flies around in a clown-themed flying vehicle, throwing Mecha-Koopas and Big Steelies at Mario instead of fighting his old foe face to face by breathing fire at him (mikeyk made a custom Bowser sprite which follows his classic attack pattern, however).

In Bowser's first stage of attack, he will simply fly around in a wide U shape. To defeat him, the player must wait until he throws out two Mecha-Koopas. The player must then stomp them and throw them upwards at the right time so they will hit him in the head. Once Bowser has been hit twice, he will fly off into the distance, but that does not mean that the player has won. After he is gone, ten fireballs will fall out of the sky. After a bit, Bowser will come back, and Princess Peach will wiggle free for long enough to throw a Super Mushroom to the player before battle resumes.

In his second stage, Bowser will fly in an almost straight line at the top of the screen, staying as close to Mario as possible. Every once in a while Bowser will flip upside down and drop a giant iron ball that will roll toward Mario, which can be avoided by either spin jump or jumping over it. After two of those balls have dropped, Bowser will throw two Mecha-Koopas out again. Because Bowser is flying so high, the player must jump, then throw the Mecha-Koopa up to hit him in the head twice. Once this has been accomplished, he will fly off and drop ten more fireballs, and once again the Princess will wiggle free to throw a Super Mushroom.

Upon Bowser's final stage, he will bounce around wildly trying to crush Mario underneath. His clown-themed flying vehicle are also gained the angry-look face, the player must wait for Bowser to stop to throw two Mecha-Koopas out. Once the player throws one at him (which he will most likely foolishly jump into), he may crush the second one. If this happens, the player must wait for him to throw two more Mecha-Koopas, and throw the last one at him.

Bowser will be defeated, and will drop the Princess, causing the game to play the ending sequence.

Hacking information

Bowser is sprite A0, which you can find in the "tileset specific sprites" menu in Lunar Magic 1.91 and further versions.

The Bowser fight requires level mode 10 and the sprite memory to be set to 10. This will blank your level out and replace it with "CANNOT RENDER: This is a boss battle level!" There is nothing you can edit in this level aside from the graphics, unless you have very intricate knowledge of ASM. Any changes you make to palettes or music will have no effect.

Bowser is stored at Level 1C7, which is ironic when you realize that the title screen is at Level C7. He also occupies unused levels 9B and 19B.

The bowling ball is sprite A1 which you can also find the "tileset specific sprites" menu in Lunar Magic 1.91 and further versions. It can be used in a normal level, but few hackers have had success with this sprite. It uses Palette F and requires SP3 to point to GFX24, so vanilla hackers will have to switch to the Mechakoopa tileset. Bowser and his Clown Car are both stored at GFX21.

Related Addresses

ROM Addresses
PC SNES Description
0x0E390 $01:E190 [2A 2C 2A 2C] Bowser's fireball tilemap
0x1A5D9 $03:A3D9 [?] Clouds from Bowser's Clown Car
0x1ABCE $03:A9CE [?] Sprite tilemap of Peach
0x1AE95 $03:AC95 [6E 88] Blushing Mario tiles
0x1B3ED $03:B1ED [45 47 45 65 66 65 45] Steel ball tilemap
0x1B66E $03:B46E [43] Bowser Battle Item Box Frame: Tile to use for the frame (each corner uses the same 16x16 tile)
0x1B6D5 $03:B4D5 [08] Tile of 2nd row of Bowser's castle roof
0x1B6F3 $03:B4F3 [0F] How many tiles to load for 1st & 3rd row group, -1
0x1B70D $03:B50D [08] Tile of 3rd row of Bowser's castle roof
0x1B70F $03:B50F [06] How many tiles will make up the address below
0x1B713 $03:B513 [03] Tile of 1st row of castle roof
0x1B747 $03:B547 [08] Tile of 3rd row of castle roof (Copy. It is called for when Peach comes from Bowser's Clown Car.)
0x1B749 $03:B549 [06] How many tiles will use the address below
0x1B74D $03:B54D [03] Tile of 1st row of castle roof (copy)
0x01937 $00:9737 [16] Bowser scene 1 music
0x1A902 $03:A702 [17] Music when Bowser flies away
0x1A9C2 $03:A7C2 [18] Bowser scene 3 music/music when Bowser comes back
0x1AA49 $03:A849 [?] Music for other parts of the battle
Sound Effects
0x1A804 $03:A604 [09] Sound effect from Bowser's steel ball
0x1A9A8 $03:A7A8 [1D] Sound effect for Bowser's fireball
0x1A9F7 $03:A7F7 [17] Bowser's primary flame sound
0x1AA41 $03:A841 [?] Other battle fireball sounds
0x1AAB3 $03:A8B3 [2A] Peach crying for help sound
0x1AAE4 $03:A8E4 [10] Peach throwing sound
0x1AD8D $03:AB8D [09] Bowser's Clown Car stomping sound
0x1ADF4 $03:ABF4 [1B] Bowser defeated sound
0x1AE53 $03:AC53 [1C] Peach after battle sound
0x1B2B9 $03:B0B9 [01] Mario bumping into Clown Car sound
0x1B32A $03:B12A [28] Bowser hurt sound
0x1B3A4 $03:B1A4 [25] Steel ball hitting ground sound
0x1B3B2 $03:B1B2 [01] Steel ball bouncing sound
0x1A30B $03:A10B [02] Bowser's health for the first stage
0x1A823 $03:A623 [A1] The sprite that Bowser drops (the steel ball)
0x1A883 $03:A683 [02] Bowser's HP for the final two phases
0x1A9FC $03:A7FC [08] Status of Bowser's fireball
0x1AA01 $03:A801 [33] Bowser's fireball sprite
0x1AAE9 $03:A8E9 [08] Status of sprite thrown by Peach
0x1AAEE $03:A8EE [74] Sprite Peach throws
0x1B231 $03:B031 [A2] Sprite Bowser throws
0x1B64B $03:B44B [37 77 B7 F7] Bowser Battle Item Box Frame: Attributes for each corner of the frame (same order as above)
0x035BE $00:B3BE [FF 7F 00 00 FB 63 0C] Bowser ending colors
0x0389E $00:B69E (for the next 112 bytes) Bowser palettes (8 palettes, 7 colors each)
0x1B6DA $03:B4DA [0D] Palette of 2nd row of Bowser's castle roof
0x1B718 $03:B518 [0D] Palette of 1st and 3rd rows of Bowser's castle roof
0x1B752 $03:B552 [0D] Palette of 1st and 3rd rows of castle roof (copy)
0x1A2F9 $03:A0F9 [?] Bowser's initial Y Pos
0x1A2FD $03:A0FD [?] Bowser's initial Y Pos high byte
0x1A302 $03:A102 [?] Bowser's initial X Pos
0x1A306 $03:A106 [?] Bowser's initial X Pos high byte
0x1AE7F 03:AC7F [47] Starting Y-position of Peach
0x1AE93 $03:AC93 [01 11] Y-position of blushing Mario face
0x1B643 $03:B443 [70 80 70 80] Bowser Battle Item Box Frame: X position of each corner of the frame (in the order upper-left, upper-right, lower-left, lower-right)
0x1B647 $03:B447 [07 07 17 17] Bowser Battle Item Box Frame: Y position of each corner of the frame (same order as above)
0x1B68C $03:B48C [00 30 60 90 C0 F0 00 30 40 50 60 90] X-coordinates of 1st and 3rd rows of Bowser's castle roof
0x1B69C $03:B49C [B0 B0 B0 B0 B0 B0 D0 D0 D0 D0 D0 D0] Y-coordinates of 1st and 3rd rows of castle roof
0x1B6B9 $03:B4B9 [?] How many tiles to load for 2nd row group, -1
0x1B6C0 $03:B4C0 [C0] Y-coordinate of 2nd row of castle roof
0x1B6D1 $03:B4D1 [10] Difference in X-coordinate for tiles in 2nd row
0x1A7B8 $03:A5B8 [54] Amount of time between when Bowser throws his Mecha-Koopas.
0x1A800 $03:A600 [80] Time between when Bowser throws his steel ball.
0x1A80F $03:A60F [60] Amount of time between when Bowser throws his Mecha-Koopas after the second steel ball
0x1A818 $03:A618 [20] The amount of time it takes for Bowser to drop his second steel ball
0x1A9E0 $03:A7E0 [60] Time to start the fireball attack
0x1AA65 $03:A865 [20] Timing of Bowser stopping Clown Car in foreground
0x1AA6F $03:A86F [A0] Timing of Peach to throw Super Mushroom
0x1AA7C $03:A87C [01] Timing of Bowser to start moving
0x1AA80 $03:A880 [40] Timing of Bowser coming out of his Clown Car
0x1AA84 $03:A884 [3F] Timing of music for next attack phase
0x1AAAF $03:A8AF [E8] Timing of Peach crying for help sound

Related Glitches

  • If a ball is popped with Cape Mario, if looked close enough, a part of the Princess's face can be seen, as proved by a YouTube video, which can be seen here.
  • If the player presses and holds up until the ending music starts, Mario's tilemap will switch between running, walking, and looking up, as demonstrated in this YouTube video showing the glitch. The glitch remains in the GBA version of the game.
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