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Boss battle level within Lunar Magic

Level Numbers

Level 1F6 - Iggy
Level E5 - Morton
Level 1F2 - Lemmy
Level D9 - Ludwig
Level CC - Roy
Level D3 - Wendy
Level 1EB - Larry
Level 1C7 - Bowser
Level DF - Reznor (Vanilla Fortress)
Level D5 - Reznor (Forest Fortress)
Level E2 - Reznor (Chocolate Fortress)
Level 1DE - Reznor (Valley Fortress)

Editing The Levels

While editing the boss levels in SMW is possible, it is not recommended, since it may cause many glitches to appear. To change a boss level, save the level to another level number, and edit it as you wish. Be wary though, there is not a whole lot to do without glitching the game. To make a custom Reznor fight, you have to insert the sprite A9 (Reznor) manually.

-SMW Boss Battle Palette Editor by Smallhacker[1]
-Iggy/Larry Battle Platform Editor by Smallhacker[2]
-SMW Thank You Message Importer by Smallhacker[3]

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