Boo Ceiling

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Boo Ceiling
[[Ghost Celling.png|250px]]

Sprite number(s)



Cluster sprite

Graphics file(s)

GFX11 (SP4)



The Boo Ceiling sprite is a collection of twenty cluster sprites that creates ghosts all along the ceiling of a level that will drop down and try to hit the player. The longer the player stays in an area, the more ghosts will attack him. It originally appeared in the Donut Ghost House in the original Super Mario World.

Attack Strategy

The Boos in a Boo ceiling are at first not much of a threat, as they are situated on the ceiling and aren't very mobile yet. The longer you wait, however, the more these ghosts will be able to come down to you and eventually trap and harm you. Much like the Boos in a Boo Ring, these cannot be harmed in any thinkable way, and jumping or spin-jumping off them will harm the player too, unless said player has a Star.

Note that the transparent ghosts cannot actually hurt you either, so if you absolutely have to make your way through these ghosts (to get the exit to Top Secret Area, for example), try to wait until they turn transparent.
Other than that, your best bet is to avoid these creatures entirely, make your way through the room and get out as soon as possible before they close in on you.

Hacking Information

Note that there will be more than one ceiling if the player flies upwards or reaches the upper part of the level.
Works best when the level mode is C or D. In any other level mode, the Boos that disappear won't turn transparent, causing confusion as to which Boos hurt Mario and which ones don't.

The code for each Boo starts at SNES $02:FBC7.

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