Boo Block

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Boo Block
[[Boo block.gif|250px]]

Sprite number(s)



Normal sprite

Graphics file(s)

GFX06 (SP3)
GFX11 (SP4)


E (Boo)
9 (Block)

Like a normal Boo, a Boo Block will chase after Mario if he turns his back on it. However, if he turns to face it, instead of merely stopping, it changes into a stone block. Mario can stand on this stone block and use it to reach higher ledges. Boo Blocks are thus quite useful, since they can be led to a helpful position by turning away from them, then frozen in the exact right spot simply by facing them. However, they were only used in the Choco-Ghost House level, in one particular room.

Like all Boos, Boo Blocks are immune to most of Mario's attacks. The only way to actually destroy them is with a star, but only when they're in ghost form.

Hacking information

Boo Blocks are sprite AF, located under the "Tileset Specific Sprites" tab. The stone block uses grey palette 9, while the ghost itself uses variable palette E, where it gets its color from Sprite Palette 5. Their graphics will only show up correctly if the Ghost House sprite set is used. (SP3=06, SP4=11)

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