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Bony Beetle

Sprite number(s)



Normal sprite

Graphics file(s)

GFX12 (SP3)



Bony Beetle is a skeletal version of a Buzzy Beetle or a Spiny, just as Dry Bones is a skeletal Koopa Troopa. It appears as a bone white shell with two booted feet sticking out and two glowing white eyes within. Bony Beetle lives in castles, where it marches back and forth, following Mario. Occasionally, it will pause and force several spikes out of its shell. Mario will take damage if he attempts to stomp the Bony Beetle while it has its spikes out, even if he is spin jumping. If the spikes are not out when it is stomped, it will crumble into a pile of broken bones. After a moment, the bones will begin to vibrate and the Bony Beetle will reassemble itself and go back to attacking as it did before. The bone pile the Bony Bettle becomes when stomped on is the same as the bone pile Dry Bones becomes when stomped on.

Fireballs will have no effect on it, but a cape spin will defeat Bony Beetle for good. Yoshi cannot eat it. Mario's usually reliable slide attack will only cause it to crumble if it's downhill and hurt Mario if it's uphill. A Star will take Bony Beetle out, even when it has its otherwise deadly spikes sticking out.

Hacking information

Bony Beetle is sprite 31. It uses the grey palette 9. Its graphics will only show up correctly if the castle sprite set is used. (SP4 = GFX03)

Bony Beetle is incompatible with Yoshi. Because Bony Beetles only exist in castles in the original game and Yoshi cannot enter them due to the presense of jumping Podoboo fireballs, this was not seen. Yoshi can stomp a Bony Beetle to cause it to crumble, but if he touches the resulting pile of bones, it will cause him to run away. Also, if Yoshi attempts to stomp Bony Beetle when it has its spikes out, it will shrink Mario but not cause him to run away.

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